Celebrate Tradition with Milkbasket: 7 Days of Free Milk

Milk, a gift from nature, has been a staple in our lives for over 10,000 years. Whether sourced from cows, buffaloes, or sheep, dairy milk holds a special place in our hearts and homes. In India, people have a special place for milk, appreciating its importance in daily nutrition and cultural traditions. Despite this, free […]

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Transforming Daily Shopping with Timely Deliveries and Unique Wallets

Embracing Convenience, One Delivery at a Time! In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. Milkbasket is your go-to solution for hassle-free grocery shopping. With a commitment to timely deliveries and fresh produce, Milkbasket is revolutionizing the way you stock up on essentials. Introducing Three Wallets for Effortless Transactions! Simplify your shopping journey with 3 one-of-a-kind […]

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7 AM Deliveries - Saying ‘No’ To Plastic Bags

With more than 200,000 orders being delivered across the nation each day, our 7 AM silent doorstep deliveries have given us the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the environment in an eco-friendly manner. We’ve changed the way we deliver these orders each day by sending an Eco-friendly Reusable Delivery Bag to our customers […]

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What comes to your mind when you hear India? Diverse, colourful, dynamic, cultural hotpot, different languages, the list is endless. India is known to be a cultural melting pot, with several practices that are fascinating, intriguing and absolutely fun. India’s history showcases the several different cultures and dynasties that have had an erstwhile influence on […]

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We’re Saying ‘NO’ To Plastic Delivery Bags

Did you notice something amazing about Milkbasket’s order deliveries? Hint; it’s about a reusable bag! 🛍️ That’s correct! We’re delivering the orders once in an eco-friendly reusable delivery bag that can be used multiple times to receive the ordered items every morning. We’re glad to share our initiative with you where your active participation is […]

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Adding Convenience to Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Delivery: An Interview

Rajiv Joshi, the Head of Buying & Merchandising at Milkbasket for the last 4.5 years, shares powerful insights on the urban demand & fulfilment of fresh produce and how Milkbasket ensures quality as well as convenience in its fresh fruits & vegetable delivery services in urban areas.  Meeting Urban Demands in Fresh Fruits & Vegetable […]

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In it to win it together: In conversation with the L&D Team at Milkbasket

 Any organization is the sum total of its parts, and its growth is a function of each individual’s development. At Milkbasket, we don’t just look forward to onboarding dynamic new talent that has fire in their bellies but also value the growth of those who have already become a part of our culture & the […]

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The Product for 5000+ Products: An insight into the Product Team at Milkbasket

This is an exciting time to be at Milkbasket – full of growth, learning, and purpose-driven contributions. We’re becoming bigger – launching in new cities, adding new serviceable areas within existing hubs, and perfecting our processes and service. However, with so many additions to the landscape and transformations from the bottom up, how does the […]

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Milkbasket's Latest DVC Campaign Is Out, And It's Quirky And Relatable As Heck!

The year 2021 was all about patience, resilience, and the grind it takes to get back up from a worldwide slump that the COVID-19 pandemic had hit us with. It made us all revisit our roots, recalibrate our priorities, and strengthen our foundations. With the better part of 2022 gone into slowly spreading our wings, […]

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Grocery Delivery In Monsoon 2022: How Milkbasket Pulled It Off | A Tribute Video For Our Delivery Partners

As an organization, we are in the midst of a phase of great transformations and growth. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary for us to establish and fortify our core values. Our new video is a tribute to our valiant and vivacious delivery partners who have been the front runners in making daily-essentials and […]

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