21 Apr 2023

7 AM Deliveries - Saying ‘No’ To Plastic Bags

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With more than 200,000 orders being delivered across the nation each day, our 7 AM silent doorstep deliveries have given us the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the environment in an eco-friendly manner.

We’ve changed the way we deliver these orders each day by sending an Eco-friendly Reusable Delivery Bag to our customers which can be used multiple times to receive the orders each morning. 

This enables us to stop the use of plastic bags for packing the ordered items, thus extensively reducing the amount of plastic for each delivery, everyday! To make this initiative a success, all you need to do is place the reusable bag outside, and we will deliver all your Milkbasket orders in it.

The Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag – A Better Choice🛍️

To promote eco-friendliness, the reusable delivery bag can be used multiple times to receive your daily items. The active participation of our valued customers play an essential role for making this practice a success. Simply leave the reusable bag outside your doorstep and we will deliver your orders in it every morning.

More than 100,000 reusable bags have been provided to our customers with over 9,68,923 orders delivered in March & April 2023 using these environment-friendly bags. The numbers grow bigger each day, making each delivery friendly for the environment. 

Together, For A Better Tomorrow🌏

It’s World Earth Day & we take great pride in acknowledging that Milkbasket is working together with our valued customers to eliminate the use of multiple plastic bags, transitioning to an eco-friendly alternative for delivering your orders in a more efficient and effective manner.

You can support us by using the reusable bag to receive your order deliveries regularly and keeping it outside for our executives to fill it with your daily items. By doing so, you are taking a step towards a better tomorrow by reducing the need for packaging materials & plastic carry bags. So, easily order all your essentials from the Milkbasket app & get them delivered straight to your doorstep with 7 AM silent eco-friendly deliveries.

Let’s work together to make every delivery an eco-friendly one! ♻️


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