Making Sustainable Choices In An Urban Landscape | A World Nature Conservation Day Special by Milkbasket

Urban life is busy, fast-paced, and hence, there usually is no time to wait. Convenience, therefore, has become the biggest value that customers seek and start-ups and industries aim to provide. In the age of technology, however, we must remember to make sustainable choices and consume mindfully too. This World Nature Conservation Day, let’s talk sustainability and why it is important for us. We will also talk about what we at Milkbasket, the first and the largest grocery micro-delivery service in India, are doing for sustainability in India.

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Life At Milkbasket

People often debate about what it is that helps an employee stay in the company and one of the few aspects that always comes up is the Culture.  Culture is a word that we’ve all heard more than once in discussions, conversations, and orientations, but what does it really mean? How is it created? How […]

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Milkbasket - A Revolution In The Online Grocery Delivery Services In India

There’s no denying the fact that the pandemic has drastically changed the way people spend their time online, buying everything through various online retail platforms with the convenience of home deliveries in India.  Milkbasket, with it’s features has proven to be a revolution in the online grocery delivery services in India. While stepping out of […]

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Striking a Work-Life Balance: How We Do It At Milkbasket | A 'Workaholics Day' Special

Early last month, a tweet by a popular influencer glorifying workaholism went viral within minutes on the internet. While many people stood in support of the influencer’s idea, many took to disagreeing with him in the most humorous ways. Notwithstanding, his remarks did reignite the mainstream conversations around maintaining a work-life balance and avoiding ‘burnout’. […]

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Recycling At Milkbasket: A World Environment Day Special

As people who serve and bring convenience to other people, it’s important for us as brands to give a thought from time to time to what matters the most to us as human beings. The realization of the countless resources that our planet has provided us allows us to be amazed and humbled and find […]

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