05 Jul 2022

World Chocolate Day: Everything You Need To Know

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Alright, listen up chocolate lovers – it’s that time of year again! World Chocolate Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to indulge in all the cocoa-goodness your heart desires. Whether you’re a dark chocolate connoisseur or more of a milk chocolate fan, this global celebration has something for everyone.

It is the best accompaniment to celebrate any joyous occasion be it birthdays or anniversaries, weddings or festivals. Chocolate is the ultimate bunch of happiness you can eat.

Some like the darker ones while those with a sweet tooth tend to go for the utterly sweet and smoother ones. No matter what your type is, let’s get together this “World Chocolate Day” on the 7th of July and take a luscious bite. 

The very thought of chocolate can make us lick our lips in eagerness. This day gives us all the reasons to indulge in our favorite chocolate bar without any guilt.

Whether you are a fan of a candy bar, cake, brownie, or mousse, grab them today and celebrate this International Chocolate Day with your loved ones.

Importance Of Chocolate Day

It was in the year 1550, that chocolates were first introduced to Europe until then Chocolate was only available to a few countries and regions, Mexico and Central America being a few of them.

It was only after 1550 when chocolates were discovered by foreign invaders and traveled to all countries across the globe and the world got to have their delicious cure for all day.  

Today, chocolates may be the “food of gods” but it wasn’t always this way. It has been known that years back, chocolates were tagged as a bitter beverage rather than the sweet edible treat that is known today.

Joseph Fry in the year 1847 discovered a moldable chocolate paste by adding melted Cocoa butter back into Dutch Cocoa. It was in the year 1868, Cadbury started marketing boxes of chocolate candies in England. 

Fun Facts About Chocolate 

Chocolates are perceived as a fattening indulgence, but when consumed in moderation, they can help our body and mind perform efficiently. Let’s take you through a yellow brick road and find out some must-known facts about chocolates:

Chocolate Is Good For Health

Yes, you heard us right! Chocolates are actually good for health, provided they are consumed in moderate amounts. The darker the bite the more significant benefits it carries. It has been proven that dark chocolate can boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and help increase brain activity.

Thanks to all the antioxidants such as flavonoids, catechins, and polyphenols present in them. Isn’t it a perfect reason for all chocolate lovers to grab a luscious bite?

Dark Chocolates Can Help Aid Digestion & Control Weight

Amazed? Chocolates and weight loss, isn’t this the best thing you read today? We have all grown up listening to stories that chocolates can only make one fat and bulky. But that’s not true!

When consumed twice or thrice a week, dark chocolates like Hershey’s Exotic Dark Pomegranate Chocolate, and Cadbury Bournville Rich Cocoa 50% Dark Chocolate Bar available at Milkbasket can actually help in controlling weight and aid digestion as well.

Adding on to it, dark chocolates also lift up the mood and enable the function of the brain more efficiently. 

Chocolate Makes You Feel Happy & Stimulates Your Brain

The soothing properties of chocolate extend beyond its delectable taste. Studies have shown that the mere aroma of chocolate can have a measurable impact on brain activity.

Chocolate contains tryptophan, an amino acid that the brain utilizes to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of well-being and happiness.

Consequently, indulging in chocolate not only provides a temporary sensory delight but may also contribute to an improved mood and overall sense of contentment.

The physiological and psychological benefits of this beloved treat make a strong case for incorporating chocolate into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

All Reasons to Buy Chocolates From Milkbasket

We all must have heard “Life is like a box of chocolates! One never knows what you’re gonna get.” Tom Hanks said it so correctly in the movie – Forest Grump and accepted all that came his way.

While for all chocolate lovers, there is more than what meets the eye. Chocolates are known to have their own fan-following and people cannot shy themselves from adoring them. 

Chocolates are the most convenient way to express your love – a heart shape Ferrero Rocher says it all. For all the messy ones a sumptuous packet of Cadbury Silk would be a delight.

For those fond of dark chocolate, Bournville can be a choice. No matter what the reason is, we at Milkbasket have them all. 

How do People Celebrate International Chocolate Day?

Generally by eating chocolates! Though there are different ways to celebrate this day, you can either stay comfortable and eat a bite of your favourite chocolate or either try something new and relish the taste like never before.

Fans of fruit and chocolate can experiment with something exclusive yet mouth-watering, a zesty passionate chocolate mouse cake could be a good option. Innumerable cocktail-inspired caramel chocolate could be a more sumptuous treat. 

The purists can go for some rare and vintage collections of Cadbury, some cocoa beans, and some chocolate bars. Those looking for a savory kick can have some fabulous creamy texture or some mellow flavor.

Well, you must be amazed that all of these are easily available at the online milk delivery app – Milkbasket. 

Jumpstart Chocolate Day Celebrations With These Easy Desserts

Easy to cook recipes with bunch of chocolates, porridge and a lot of nuts.

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Porridge

Ingredients Quantity
Almond milk220 ml
Water320 ml
Cooking Spray1
Olive Oil 1 tsp
Cocoa Powder2 and ½ tbsp
Maple Syrup2tbsp
Peanut Butter2tbsp
Dark Chocolate 1


  1. Use cooking spray or olive oil to coat an oven-safe dish to prevent the oats from sticking.
  2. Add 220 ml of milk, 80ml water, oats, cocoa powder and maple syrup to the dish. Gently mix them all.
  3. Now, add 250ml of water to the inner pot then place the trivet inside. Once done, put the dish of oats on top. 
  4. Tightly secure the lit and set the time for 4 minutes. 
  5. Leave it for the next 10 minutes. 
  6. Stir well before serving. Top up with some peanut butter and dark chocolate. 
In this world's chocolate day, create Chocolate Lava Cake

2. Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Ingredients Quantity
Dark Chocolate Chopped250g
Unsalted Butter130g
Granulated Sugar130g
All-purpose flour130g
Cocoa Powder1 tbsp


  1. Gently grease all sides of four ramekins with a good amount of butter. Once done set aside for a few minutes. 
  2. Take a medium-sized bowl and add some chocolate and unsalted butter to it. Mix them all together. 
  3. Now, place the bowl over a pot of hot water and observe a bain-marie being created. Gently stir until all chocolate and butter are finely melted. 
  4. Take a fresh bowl and whisk 4 eggs and sugar together. Continue doing this until it turns thick. Now, stir them all in the flour and mix them well. 
  5. Pour the chocolate (melted) into the egg mixture and gently mix them well!
  6. Next, divide the batter equally in all four ramekins and place them in the refrigerator. Let it chill for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Once done, bake for 15 minutes. This will help the tops form a crust. 
  8. With the help of a small knife, try to loosen the cakes from the ramekin. Turn them over onto a serving plate. Be as careful as you can as the ramekins can be very hot!
  9. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top and serve!
For all the Fudge lovers, tis recipe is just  too easy to be made.

3. Chocolate Lava Cake

Ingredients Quantity
Melted Butter10 tbsp
Plain Flour140g
Cocoa Powder40g
Baking Powder1 tsp
Vanilla Essence1/2 tsp
Dark Chocolate Chips250g
Vanilla Icecream1 cube


  1. Grease all sides of a pan with a good amount of butter.
  2. Take a bowl and add the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. 
  3. Take a new bowl and add the eggs, sugar, melted butter, vanilla, and espresso.
  4. Now, whisk the two together and gently fold them into the chocolate chips. 
  5. Pour the batter into the pan and cover them with aluminium foil.
  6. Pour water into the inner pot and place the springform pan on top of the trivet inside.
  7. Cook it for 30 minutes.
  8. Leave it aside for 15 minutes. Once done, carefully remove the pan from the instant pot, remove the foil, and let the cake cool completely.
  9. Once cooled, dust the cake with cocoa powder and serve with vanilla ice cream.
Add a bit of Truffle this World Chocolate Day.

4. Chocolate Truffle Cake

Ingredients Quantity
Milk2 and ½ cups
Butter1 cube
Chocolate8 ounces
Baking Salt1 tsp
Salt½ tsp
Sugar1/2 tsp
Vanilla Extract2 tsp
All-Purpose Flour2 cups


1. Take a large saucepan, and boil milk, butter and chocolate over low heat. Once melted, let it cool for 10 minutes. 

2. Take a large bowl and whisk eggs and vanilla. Stir in chocolate mixture until smooth. Once done add flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. Gradually add to the chocolate mixture and mix well.

3. Move them all to 3 greased and floured 9-in.round baking pans. Bake until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks to cool completely.

4. Take a small saucepan, and add melted butter and chocolate. For the filling, in a small saucepan, melt butter and chocolate. Gently stir sugar and heavy whipping cream until smooth.

5. For the ganache, place chocolate in a small bowl. In a small saucepan, bring cream just to a boil. Pour over chocolate; whisk until smooth. Cool, stirring occasionally, until ganache reaches spreading consistency.

6. Place 1 cake layer on a serving plate; spread with half of the filling. Repeat layers. Top with the remaining cake layer. Spread ganache over top and side of the cake. Store in the refrigerator.

Feel Chocolate-y with Milkbasket

We hope these recipes might have grabbed your attention. By now you all must be wanting to have something sweet and chocolaty.

If you too would like to treat yourselves or your friends and family this International Chocolate Day then shop these ingredients from the online milk delivery app – Milkbasket.

Download the Milkbasket app, order your chocolates and other essential items before 12 am and get them delivered by 7 in the morning.

Isn’t that amazing? So what the wait, grab these at the earliest and make your chocolate day special by preparing scrumptious recipes and share with your loved ones.

While if you wish to prepare some different or just buy chocolates then you can get them too at Milkbasket – an online grocery service. 


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