08 Sep 2022

Nabhi Chikitsa or Belly Button Therapy: The Simple Health Secret You NEED To Know!

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Our Navel or Belly Button (scientific name Umbilicus) is believed to be the centre of our life force. Most of us take it as just another part of our body not knowing its deep, thrilling world. In ancient Hindu healing practices, the Navel is considered to be the most important point of the most essential Chakra in our body. It is also said that through Nabhi Chikitsa or Navel Therapy, we can boost good health and receive many health benefits as well.

Let’s get to know our Navel and its importance a little deeper

Navel Therapy: Did you have any idea your Belly Button was THIS interesting?

Navel or Nabhi is where a baby is connected to its mother from the time of its conception

Our Navel or the umbilicus is the point at which a baby is connected to the mother, starting from their conception. It’s a scar tissue formed in certain mammals upon the severing of the umbilical cord after a baby is born. Some people have a navel that goes inwards while some can have one that protrudes outwards.

Before we start discussing Nabhi Chikitsa or Navel Therapy, it’s important to know certain startling facts about the belly button.

  • The belly button has nearly 72,000 veins that reach almost all of the extremities of our body.
  • The skin inside the navel is extremely thin, which makes navel stimulations very effective.
  • At a microscopic level, the belly button resembles a tropical rainforest with nearly 2400 types of unique microorganisms dwelling in there.
  • Just like our fingerprints and DNA, the culture inside our belly button is unique to all individuals. 
  • Some species of bacteria found in the belly button are unique to that particular individual only.

What is Nabhi Chikitsa and Why is Nabhi Chikitsa important?

Nabhi Chikitsa or Navel Therapy is an ancient Hindu Ayurvedic practice wherein one massages the belly button or the nabhi with therapeutic oils. In India, it is a common practice to massage ‘hing oil/hing water’ to baby’s belly buttons when they are colicky. Often, it is found to work rather quickly in relieving the gas and intestinal pain. 

Children are given hing paste or hing oil in their nabhi or navel when they are colic

Ayurveda says that therapeutic oils get absorbed easily through the belly button and provide slow relief in common ailments. According to science, while there may be no concrete proofs or studies to show better absorption through the navel, it is definitely proven that massaging oils to our skin do provide relief and healing effects.

With a practice like Nabhi Chikitsa that uses oils in your belly button as a navel therapy

Nabhi Chikitsa: The first steps to healing

Clean your belly button properly and regularly

Have you ever put your finger inside your belly button and smelled it? It smells gross. That’s because of all the bacteria that grow and live in our navels. Therefore, whenever you shower, make sure to wash and clean your belly button regularly. 

Yoga can help keep your Solar Plexus Chakra in place

The asanas and movements in Yoga are highly beneficial in keeping the body aligned. They help improve the function of various organs and keep our bodies aligned. A part of taking care of your navel is to practice simple centering Yoga movements.

Oil Therapy – the foundation of Belly Button Therapy

The ancient Hindu Ayurvedic practice of Navel Therapy using therapeutic oils dates back almost 5000 years. From infants to senior citizens, everyone can use navel therapy to receive health benefits. Therefore, massaging your belly button with warm oils may help provide relief in some conditions while giving no side effects.

Navel Therapy or Nabhi Chikitsa: Do it yourself or get a professional to help you

Which oils are use for what purpose in Navel Therapy?

  • Almond Oil/Coconut Oil: Glowing skin, anti-microbial and cleansing properties.
  • Mustard Oil: Relieving headaches, boosting hair growth, better vision
  • Olive Oil: Controlling blood pressure, relieving back pain, digestion and gastrointestinal ailments
  • Neem Oil: Acne, skin rashes, pimples
  • Ghee: Moisturizing the skin, helps with chapped lips and dryness
  • Castor Oil: Relieves joint pains, strengthens knees
  • Clove Oil: Helps in rleieving menstrual cramps
Neem oil is known to help with skin cleaning, acne, rashes, spots, and cooling of the skin in nabhi chikitsa

How to do Navel Therapy or Nabhi Chikitsa

It is best to do the oiling of the belly button with warm oils. It involves applying oils inside and around the navel and gently massaging it for a 3-5 minutes

You can use different types of oils to get different types of benefits, as mentioned above. Although you can make healing oils at home using a base oil, you can also purchase them from Ayurvedic healing product manufacturers and suppliers. To buy any of these oils online, just use the grocery shopping app Milkbasket.

Which other self-care practices do you do every day? Let us know in the comments below!


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