25 Aug 2023

Different Types of Olive Oil For Cooking & Their Specific Uses

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Olive Oil is the liquid gold that has been captivating taste buds across the globe for centuries now! Whether it’s the magic of Mediterranean cuisine to simple homemade recipes, it always brings a touch of flavour or smoothness to food.

However, it is easy to get confused about which type to use in your dishes and cooking! Therefore, through this blog, we are going to tell you about the different types of olive oil for cooking and what their best uses are.

The History Of Use In Cooking

The ancient Greeks loved olives. They grew them in large numbers and used them extensively in their cooking and diet. They cherished olive oil for its rich flavour and health benefits and therefore, used them in many dishes. As Greek culture was one of the most vast and widespread cultures, the Greeks took olives to different parts of the world. This made it a beloved staple in Mediterranean and European kitchens.

The versatility of this oil and its ability to elevate flavours naturally led to its widespread use in cooking. Its unique taste, health benefits, and popularity has made fans out of chefs and home cooks alike. 

Extra Virgin Form

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the first pressing of olives, without any chemical treatments or excessive heat. It has a delicate and fruity flavour along with a low acidity level. Extra Virgin form is not treated on high heat, and that’s why it is not advised for use in frying, sauteing, or roasting.

This form of oil is perfect for drizzling over salads, bread, or even steamed veggies. Just pour a little bit of it over your Neapolitan Pizza, Caprese Salad, Hummus, Tahini or even bruschetta. You can also keep whole olives, onions, garlic, and other natural flavouring agents to enhance its flavour over time.

Virgin Olive Oil

Next in line is virgin olive oil. While it shares similar qualities with its extra virgin cousin, virgin form has a slightly higher acidity. It has a robust flavour and is also quite versatile in its uses in cooking. With higher levels of treatment, this type of oil becomes ideal for sautéing vegetables, grilling seafood, or marinating meats.

Pure Olive Oil

This form of oil is a blend of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil. Due to its refined nature, it possesses a milder taste and a higher smoke point, making it ideal for various cooking methods. Whether you’re grilling juicy steaks, stir-frying veggies or noodles, or baking delectable cakes, you can count on this oil. It has a subtle hint of the Mediterranean flavours, which it will infuse in your dishes without overpowering other ingredients.

Light Olive Oil

Despite its name, this oil isn’t lower in calories or fat content. In fact, it simply refers to its lighter flavour and colour. Because of its higher smoke point, this refined olive oil is well-suited for high-heat cooking, such as deep-frying. 

It has a neutral taste therefore, it doesn’t overpower the flavour of your ingredients. However, it lends a great texture and enjoyment to your food. The best use of light olive oil is to create crispy fried foods, whether it’s coated meats or fritters. When added to your baked goods, it lends a moist and tender texture.

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