21 Sep 2022

4 Useful Tips To Keep Winter Laziness Away, Have An Active Lifestyle And Maintain Your Daily Routine

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People usually find winters to be a time where they are more likely to feel lazy. This is understandable, especially when it’s cold outside and there isn’t much to do. 

However, it is important to find ways to avoid feeling lazy during the winters. There are several things that one can do to ensure that they do not become inactive during the winter months.

Humans tend to feel lazier during the winter months than they do during the summers. This is because the colder temperatures can make it uncomfortable to go outside and participate in outdoor activities. It is also easier to become bored during the winter because there are less events going on.

This boredom can lead to a lack of motivation, which can result in laziness. Therefore, it is important for people to take steps to avoid becoming lazy during the winter.

Tips To Keep Laziness Far Away From Yourself In The Cold Season ❄️

Maintaining a healthy & and active lifestyle during the winters can be challenging. But with a bit of effort and planning, you can make it happen.

Regular Workout Routine 🏋️‍♂️

Keeping a routine in the winters can be a task. However, just a basic workout done regularly can literally work wonders. It will be freezing outside and one can feel lazy to go to the gym for exercise or even to go to one’s usual park for a jog.

Nevertheless, there are a few simple exercises that you can perform daily within the walls of your house and stay fresh and active throughout the day. Some of these exercises are:

  1. Push-Ups
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Lunges
  4. Walkouts
  5. Plank
  6. Sit ups
  7. Burpees
  8. Leg raises
  9. Spot Jogging

Eat Small Portions At The Right Time

It’s our body’s natural tendency to slow down our metabolism in the winters to conserve as much energy as possible inside the body, specifically in the form of fat. This is one of the main reasons why we feel sluggish during the cold and often put on some weight during the winters, IF we are not regular on exercising.

However, like any other process in our body, this too can be controlled and shaped to produce the desired outcome we want. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind during the winters:

  1. Eat small portions of meals. Do not overeat.
  2. Let the first meal of the day be calorie dense, while dinner being the easiest to digest.
  3. Eat your dinner much earlier than you do in summers. This will give the body ample time to digest what you have eaten, before you hit the bed.
  4. Incorporate nuts, dry fruits and jaggery in your daily diet. These will provide the necessary nutrients to your body, while still keeping the meal portion small.
  5. Sip warm water or green tea throughout the day. This will not only keep your body warm, but will also keep your metabolism alive and kicking!
  6. Avoid foods that keep your body cool such as watermelon, curd, natural sharbat etc. 
  7. Avoid excessive junk food consumption. Junk food is an overdose of calories but low in nutrition. Thus, it may lead to a lot of digestive issues in the winters.

Keep Yourself Warm At All Times 🌡️

Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes and accessories to wear. You don’t want to be shivering in the cold weather while you are trying to stay active! 

Even a basic gym workout can become unpleasant if you’re too cold. Investing in a good sports jacket is a good investment. You can buy one at any good sports store or online. 

Choose a coat that protects you from the elements, but is also breathable and comfortable. For colder weather, try layers – a pair of thermal wear works well for lower temperatures.

Bathe Daily  🛀

As hilarious it may sound, a lot of people tend to skip bathing on a daily basis as soon as winters commence. Considering the harshness and intensity of the cold temperatures, especially in the Northern part of India, coupled with almost no sweat and covered bodies throughout the day, it is probable that most people believe that a day in the winters can be spent with just washing the face and hands!

However, apart from maintaining hygiene, bathing with a water temperature you’re comfortable with also promotes healthy blood flow in the body that leads to better attentiveness and clarity of thoughts. Thus you feel refreshed and alive after a nice bath. It’s only a matter of will and discipline, push yourself and take that first splash of water. Everything else shall follow!

Winters Are Almost Here, Let’s Buckle Up! 🤩

So we now know the secrets to an active winter life. Let’s incorporate these points in our lifestyle and enjoy winters to the fullest. Of course, there will always be lazy days but we can always make sure that those days are not every day.

Remember, an active lifestyle is a happy lifestyle!


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