11 Oct 2022

Seasonal Foods For Autumn & Winter

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A platter of food spread out on the table

Seasonal foods are the most reliable source of energy and nutrition for everyone. Just like we change our wardrobe selections as per the seasons, so should our diet!

As the temperature drops with the changing seasons, we need to nourish and warm the body from the inside, to balance things out. These colder months are all about eating the grounding and nourishing foods that are going to balance out hormones and strengthen the immune system and boost the energy.

Peek Into The Perfect Seasonal Foods Meals:

A girl holding a bowl of oats


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Including seasonal foods helps one start the day with the right nutrition. Begin with a warming porridge made with pre-soaked oats, milk or plant-based milk, grated apple, ginger and cinnamon. Add some nuts and seeds of your choice to make your breakfast vitamin rich. 


Make a macro bowl for your lunch meal. To make it nutritious include some sort of grain with root vegetables, legumes and a side of green vegetables.


Dinner could be a combination of a few items to end the day with immunity boosting seasonal foods. Prepare a warm soup with vegetables and legumes or grains or steam. From vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood, create a balanced diet as per your preference. Include proteins, fibers and vitamin rich foods in your diet. 

Seasonal foods entail selecting fruits and vegetables at their peak for flavor or harvest at a specific time of year. There are many vegetables and fruits that are available all around the year these days when in fact they are seasonal foods and only benefit when consumed in their growing seasons. Fresh, local fruits and vegetables are a much healthier option; buying in season reduces environmental damage, supports local farmers and producers, and is more cost-effective as well. Now you can order farm fresh groceries on a daily basis with Milkbasket.

List Of Seasonal Foods: Fruits And Vegetables

A girl holding oranges

Buying seasonal foods is an easy way to save money with the bonus of nutrition. Fruits and vegetables always taste better when they’re in season in your area and harvested closer to the peak of freshness. It gives you a clear-cut nutritional advantage over those that spend a lot of time in shipping and may travel thousands of miles. Seasonal fruits and vegetables may be in short supply, but they are the best of the crop. Here’s a guide to helping you find the best fall produce.

Seasonal Foods: Fruits To Include In Your Diet

Autumn, also known as the fall season, is an intriguing season shift that Indians welcome with open arms. The slightly chilling evening breeze in the evening and the warm heat during the days make this season comforting. This season marks the transition from summer to winter, and as a result, many changes in environmental conditions occur.

Here are autumn seasons fruits to include in your diet:

1. Figs

2. Plums

3. Limes

4. Passion Fruit

5. Grapes

Seasonal Foods: Vegetables To Include In Your Diet

Eating naturally ripened fruits and vegetables according to the season helps your body meet the nutritional needs of the season. We must eat cooling foods in the summer, immunity-boosting foods in the monsoons, and warmer foods in the winter. Nature provides us with seasonal foods that nourish our body in accordance with the environment. India’s diverse topography and climate, each season brings a plethora of beautiful, fresh produce from all over the country. The more nutrient-dense fruit or vegetable is, the fresher it is. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of seasonal vegetables that will tell you what vegetable to buy in autumn.

Here are autumn seasons veggies to include in your diet:

1. Leafy Greens

2. Beets

3. Sweet Potatoes

4. Carrots

5. Radishes


A warm autumn dinner

We all know the change of season requires the change of diet for a healthy lifestyle. So, as you enjoy the autumn season, remember to eat healthy, seasonal, and local foods. Order farm fresh fruits & veggies with your seamless deliver app partner, Milkbasket! Choose a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the transition to autumn and then winters with a healthy body!


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