11 Jul 2024

Rice vs Chapati! What is The Best Daily Diet

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The weight loss journey is always challenging! Choosing the right diet when struggling to lose weight is the foremost challenge. Two staple foods always share the limelight when we talk about shedding extra pounds, that is, ‘Roti and Rice’.  It’s always Rice vs Chapati and we need to understand that both have pros and cons. In this case, timing matters. At what time you are eating these staple foods can make a difference.

We are often suggested to cut down our carbs and improve our protein intake. But in India, carbs are added to our daily meals. Furthermore, people face the challenge of Rice vs Chapati, what to restrict? Contributing to this debate of Rice or Roti; we have curated a blog listing the nutritional values and the time you should eat.

Rice Or Roti Which is Better For Weight Loss?

There are innumerable debates where dieticians have argued over Rice vs Chapati. Most bodybuilders have different claims as well. But, one thing is clear: both staple foods are carbohydrate-rich. One is for quick energy and another one is for long-term satiety. As rice or roti, which is better for weight loss, is the question, we will consider all the facts and end this debate. So, let’s have a look.


Rice and Roti come in different varieties. You can have wheat roti, jowar roti, multigrain roti, or bajra roti. Not only that, but you can also grind any type of pulse and make roti out of it. But what about rice? Is there any variety of rice? Yes, brown rice and red rice are some of the varieties that are considered healthy. Matta rice is another variety of rice that is healthy. Here are the benefits.

Nutritional Value

Chapati has more nutritional value than rice. A 6-inch chapati can give you 71 calories, 15g carbs, 3g protein and 0.4g fat. However, rice has fewer nutrients, phosphorus and magnesium, in comparison to rice.

Calorie Level

Rotis have comparatively fewer calories than white rice. When discussing Rice vs Chapati, we need to know that rice is addictive, we overeat and consume more calories because of it. However, roti is fulfilling and contains less calories.

Blood Sugar Impact

Due to the high glucose levels in rice, the blood sugar spikes. This potentially leads to cravings and more hunger. High-fiber rotis have low blood glucose levels, aiding people with type-2 diabetes.


If rice is eaten with proper fiber or protein food, it provides the same level of satiety. But if not, then roti is the right staple for feeling full. Pair up rice with sufficient fiber and protein anytime you eat it.

Rice vs Chapati: Find The Apt Meal For Diet At Milkbasket

Now you know the pros and cons of Rice vs Chapati. Depending on what kind of diet you are into, you can plan your meals accordingly. If you want to have a low-calorie diet, chapati is the best option but if you are looking for low fat & cholesterol, rice is the perfect match.

Looking to manage your diet effectively? Milkbasket is your ideal grocery delivery partner. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight or maintain a balanced diet, Milkbasket has covered you. From multigrain atta to brown rice, find all your essentials easily in one place.

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Now that you understand which staples are beneficial for your gut, it’s time to switch. Dietitians advise that we should not consume carbs at night. Rice vs Chapati, choose the staple that suits best your dietary requirements and goals. Don’t Forget, Portion Size Matters!


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