31 May 2022

How To Organize Your Home Better

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It is said a home is where you are your truest self and the best way to have a home which is a safe haven is to have it organized. With our busy lives, having an organized home helps us have a safe haven. The golden rule to organize your home is, place it back from where it was picked up, immediately after use. In case you are a weekend cleaner/organizer then the following tips will help you to do it quicker and better.

Block Your Calendar

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Yes, it sounds pretty alarming, but it is a necessity. A schedule is always a great way to set aside time to help you stay committed to your organizing plans and a scheduled event holds you accountable for your actions. If you miss out on following through with your organizing plans, then focus on picking it up in the next available time you have, because delaying it will only make you lazy.

Invest In Storage Bins, Cupboards Etc.

a woman organizing home linen and towels in boxes

Storage bins are one of the best investments you can make when you plan to organize your home. Varied sizes of storage bins will help you keep all your items separate and visible. A cupboard is yet another great option for storage. Making a closet or a spare room into a walk-in cupboard is an optimal way to utilize space and get all your items in one place. Opt for clear storage bins, that way you can see the items stored without having to open the bin. You can even refurbish cardboard boxes into storage boxes, but only in places where there is no water, otherwise they can disintegrate.

One In, One Out

This is the golden rule of organizing. Always make sure that if you are bringing in one item, another item in its place is either being donated or discarded. If you buy a new pair of shoes, discard or donate the old one, so there is space for the new shoes and you do not overcrowd your space. This should be followed, especially if you have kids. Kids tend to hoard their toys, laying down the rule of having only a certain number of toys at any given time, helps keep the space clean, and organized.

Colour Coding

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Colour coding is your best friend. It basically makes life a cakewalk. Assign colours to your files, tools, pens, papers, anything and everything! Having a colour key for all your colour coded items makes accessing it a breeze. Rather than rummaging through all your items, pick a colour, put it in that space and voila when you need it, you can just go ahead and retrieve it. Initially it may seem like a daunting task but with practice you memorize the colours and then the task to find or retrieve items becomes far easier. Oh and it of course adds colour to your space!

Lazy Susans

Asian food laid out for dinner on a wooden table, served for Chinese New Year reunion.

Lazy susans do not get the hype they deserve! These are a boon when you have to access some items, ever so frequently. They are a great organizing tool for condiments, spices, and cutlery to name a few. If you can jerry-rig it with some small rods, then you can use it to store your ties as well. Lazy susans are a great addition to your dining table. Put all your food on the lazy susan and rotate it so that everyone gets an access to the food, without you having to pass food all the time. 

Don’t let the plan to organize your home be a task that you feel overwhelmed with. Take it one room at a time and focus on what you can do. Do not bite more than you can handle. If you do not finish, be happy with the progress you have made thus far.


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