31 Aug 2022

Satisfy Your Coffee/Chai Cravings Along With These Contemporary Indian Fusion Artists To Try

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With the stark popularity of music apps, Instagram, and other media-sharing platforms, it has become easier for new and independent artists to share their music. Data-based recommendations also help listeners find new music by these lesser-known artists. However, the struggle of discovering new music that becomes an earworm is very much real! We’re doing some of the work for you and introducing you to some lesser-known contemporary Indian artists to try.

Of late, indie songs like Pasoori by Ali Sethi and Rangi Saari by Kavita Seth have gained immense popularity.  (Yes, Pasoori crossed 300 Million+ views on Youtube a couple of weeks ago). We’ve outgrown the times when Bollywood and films were our only source of finding new music. Indie artists like Anuv Jain, Prateek Kuhad, Osho Jain, Raja Kumari, etc have garnered a huge fan following in the last few years. 

With the Weather Gods being generous to us of late, you can enjoy a nice evening with great music by these contemporary Indian artists. Oh, and if you’re looking for good coffee, refer to our list of the best on-the-shelf coffee brands you can try. You can also refer to this list of the perfect cookies to go along with it!

Enjoy a good cup of coffee in your balcony with these new indian artists whose music you need to try

Loved Pasoori? Here are some other contemporary Indian fusion artists to try!

It makes us so proud to know and experience how talented artists from our South Asian subcontinent are. We are blessed with a rich and diverse history of regional and classical music. Additionally, the modern era of digital instruments and sound processing has given a unique edge to our rustic sounds. 

Contemporary Indian Artists have been combining Western influences like Jazz, house, hip-hop, progressive rock, reggae, etc with regional and classical music of the subcontinent. It has resulted in a beautiful, tasteful, and intelligent fusion that is almost therapeutic to listen to. 

Alright, it’s time to stop fangirling and get to the list of some of the best contemporary desi artists to try. We are sure that listening to these artists is going to give you cravings for a chai or a perfect cup of coffee. A perfect afternoon or evening, a cup of your favourite beverage in your hands, is what we’re imagining. To get prepared, remember Milkbasket to get all your groceries online from Milkbasket.

Shadow & Light

Shadow & Light are one of the best contemporary indian artists to try
Image Source: Shadow & Light’s official Facebook Page

Shadow & Light is a duo consisting of Anindo Bose and Pavithra Chari. While Anindo is a self-taught keyboard player and a sound engineer, Pavithra is a highly talented vocalist who has trained under none other than Pt. Shubha Mudgal herself. This duo for sure had to make it to our list of contemporary Indian artists to try.

Shadow & Light recorded a studio album back in 2014 to a lot of critical acclaims. After that, they have gone on multiple national and international tours, performing live and captivating their listeners. Anindo has previously played for the Indian-Rock-Progressive band Advaita while Pavithra has also done some playback singing.

Shadow & Light’s music is highly technical, enjoyable, and enriching. They mix Indian classical with Western influences like jazz, rock, progressive, and electronic to bring about a really unique sound. To add to that, Pavithra’s mesmerizing vocals are hard to stop listening to.

Recommended songs by the artists to try

Samandar, Tum, Dhadkan, Khwaish

Rusha & Blizza

Rusha & Blizza are young Indian electronic artists with groovy music
Image Source: TOI (Times of India)

This Delhi-based duo has been experimenting with Music together since 2010. Their first official EP Mudra was a huge success with its bass and melody-heavy dance tracks. Their second EP Sutra was an instant hit and an even bigger success than Mudra. Rusha & Blizza’s music is nostalgic yet so spunky and evolved that you will keep listening to it on repeat.

The latest album ‘Bazaar’ by the duo also has some really amazing high-energy and chill tracks that you’ll enjoy. What definitely puts Rusha & Blizza up on this list of contemporary Indian artists to try is their bold, enjoyable style. They mix desi and regional vocals and instruments with electronics to produce a unique, very dance-y, and enjoyable sound. 

Recommended songs by the artists to try

Mudra (Outro), Kaise, Payal, Huzur (Reprise)

Tech Panda

Tech Panda is an Indian artist & DJ who makes electronic & folk mix music
Image Source: IndianMusicDiaries.com

Rupinder Nanda, better known as Tech Panda, is another fine, proud produce of our heartland. He is a DJ who takes a huge influence from the regional, nostalgic sounds from varied parts of India. Then, he takes it all and gives it a warm, chill, groovy twist that will get your head bobbing. 

His use of experimental sounds that are soft and catchy bass lines makes him a contemporary Indian artist that deserves to be known a lot more. From the year 2016 onwards, Tech Panda has often collaborated with another Indian electronic artist Kenzani (Kedar Santwani). Together, they produce what they refer to as ‘music of the times to come’. 

Tech Panda gives you ‘hot ginger chai vibes’ on a long Indian train journey, looking out of the window of your general sleeper. To recreate the same, get all your chai ingredients from Milkbasket.

Recommended songs by the artists to try

Khoyo, Indian Monsoon, Poetic Love, Raatan


Talwiinder is a Punjabi singer and an upcoming Indian artist with electronic music bending genres.
Image Source: Talwiinder’s Youtube Video

Talwinder Singh Sandhu is a Punjabi singer and DJ who bends genres and makes warm, new-age music. His songs are sometimes lo-fi or hip-hop, sometimes trap, other times funky, but always drenched in Punjabi sweetness. If you are a fan of AP Dhillon’s music, you will definitely enjoy Talwiinder’s music.

His website bio says a beautiful line, “My music will help me find my people.” That should tell you a bit about this musician who seems like a romantic at heart. He deserves a spot on this list of contemporary Indian artists to try. His music will make you want to enjoy a cup of coffee on your balcony on a rainy day, turn the music up, and write in your journal. Of course, for all ingredients for your coffee and stationery needs, remember Milkbasket.

Recommended songs by the artists to try

Gallan 4, Gaah, Kammo Ji, Dhundhala, Nasha, Be Mine, Funk Song

Shashwat Sachdev

Shashwat Sachdeva is an Indian-American musician. This artist's solo or independent music is worth listening to.
Image Source: dnaindia.com

Shashwat Sachdev is an Indian singer, songwriter and music producer. He studied music in the USA, worked in Hollywood, and came back to India. He received recognition for his work in movies like URI, Phillauri, Attack, Kaalakaandi, both from the audience as well as the industry. However, his individual and independent music is the real hidden gem that we are after.

Shashwat’s vocals are bold, soothing, melodious, and highly trained. Then, he combines them with experimental sounds, and catchy bass lines and melodies. This is the perfect recipe for music that is bound to stick to your playlists. The fact that the lyrics are in Hindi makes his music a lot more enjoyable and relatable.

Recommended songs by the artists to try

Sha-Dobaara, Awaara Ho, O Jaana, 

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