01 Jul 2022

National Doctor's Day - A Salute To All The Doctors In India And The World

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National Doctor’s Day was started in 1991 to honour the contributions of Dr BC Roy, Chief Minister of Bengal. He contributed heavily towards the medical fraternity and innovations. His contributions in establishing institutions such as T.B. Hospital, Chittranjan Seva Sadan, Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, Victoria Institution and Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital, to name a few. 

What It Takes To Be A Doctor?

In a nutshell A LOT! Doctors have to study abysmal amounts to get to practice. Individuals have to start preparing whilst in school. They also have to focus on their nutrition and health. In this day and age it is easy to get healthy food and alternatives delivered to your doorstep with several online grocery ordering apps. Milkbasket has many options for fruits, vegetables and milk which will be delivered at your doorstep by 7 AM. What exams does an individual have to take for becoming an MBBS graduate

  • They have to take science in their 11th and 12th grade so as to appear for the entrance exams of MBBS
  • Individuals have to start studying for the entrance exams well before the 11th grade and continue to do so until the day before the exam.
  • The aspirants have to give a single exam called NEET-UG, which is recognized by the Supreme Court of India.
  • Once their results come out they then get a college/university in which they go and study for MBBS

In all of this they have to constantly eat right and ensure proper nutrition so as to have their body and mind be attentive and working. Food plays an important role in helping them keep fit as well. Getting the freshest produce at your doorstep is easy with Milkbasket and its online grocery delivery service. 

Significance Of National Doctor’s Day

A team of doctors standing wearing all the uniforms and stethoscopes, portrait shot, blurred background

National Doctor’s Day is a salute to all the doctors who have worked tirelessly since time immemorial to make our lives free of illnesses and diseases. The most recent example being covid.

Doctors all over the country worked round the clock, ensuring that people who were sick, dying or battling one of the worst pandemics from home, had answers. Doctors have consistently found solutions to various illnesses, which were otherwise thought to be fatal. Very recently doctors found the cure to cancer, imagine that, a cure for a disease that has taken millions of lives over centuries.

There are specializations for people to become a master in that particular field and individuals spend years perfecting it. Many doctors have constantly worked in understanding nutrition and seeing the benefits of different food items. This has helped laymen find the right products and produce for their health. Online grocery apps have made it easier to order and have it delivered to your doorstep. Milkbasket helps in getting your favourite food items delivered at your doorstep by 7 AM. So it is only fair that National Doctor’s Day be celebrated and all the doctors be commemorated for their work. Many families style their life around their children who are studying to be doctors. They make sacrifices to ensure that their child gets into the best university to study.

Many individuals who are preparing for their entrances make so many alterations in their life, by choosing to stay in and study. They even have to function on less sleep so that they can study more. Individuals cannot do all this without the support of their family, because how else can they study if they have to take care of many other things.

Thank your doctor today for the work they have done and the sacrifices they have made to come this far. 


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