31 Jul 2022

Monsoon Hair Fall: Causes & Remedies

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Why does the Monsoon season lead to hair fall?

During the monsoon season, dampness increases the risk of infection, as the scalp becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus causing monsoon hair problems like itching and redness of the scalp.

Although, some amount of everyday hair loss is a part of annual moulting of hair follicles. This is a period where they go into a falling phase as a natural process. If approximately 50 to 100 strands are falling per day for 1 to 2 months every year then it is completely normal. In case of excessive hair loss, it needs to be addressed. 

Woman being shocked looking at the hair fall

Major Causes of Monsoon Hair Fall

Here are some reason why monsoon causes hair loss:

  • Presence of excessive moisture in the environment leads to more moisture retention in the scalp. This increases the risk of fungal infection in the scalp, thus, weakening the hair roots which in turn leads to hair fall. Usually the initial monsoon showers or when it rains after a huge gap, are considered acid rains. The chemicals from the acid rain can definitely cause damage to your hair.
  • Another reason is the excessive styling or hair drying specifically that leads to increased hair fall.
  • When it comes to our body issues, whether skin or hair, a highly important factor is always our gut health. If you are suffering from persistent or recurring medical issues, such as, stomach ache, sore throat then these can reduce the nutrients absorption which is essential for healthy hair growth. 

Decoding The Hair Care Routine

Top hair care tips to beat the season’s blues:

Women happy covering her hair and protecting it with a huge hat
  • Cover it up!

    When stepping out in the rainy season make sure to carry or cover your hair prior to stepping out. This is the first golden rule that’ll lead you to gorgeous monsoon hair. As we discussed above, rain water is not always as pure as it looks, its sometimes filled with pollutants that can weaken your hair from its roots. So always remember to carry an umbrella, scarf or hat.

  • Oily Hair Regime

    Make sure to use antifungal shampoo on your monsoon hair, at least thrice per week. Daily shampoo isn’t healthy for hair in any season, if you feel the hair is dirty even though you washed it the previous day then a mild or rather baby shampoo rinse could help clear out the dirt without damaging the hair. Since this is a tip for oily hair texture, avoid oiling your hair too much, you can try using neem oil one a week and not more than half an hour before you wash your hair. 
  • Dry Hair Regime

    Even dry hair scalp should use antifungal shampoo on your monsoon hair, at least once per week. As for regular shampoo, you can shampoo 4 times per week but with a very mild, low lather shampoo only.  Also it is recommended for dry hair textures to oil hair twice a week at least and leave it for 1-2 hours before you wash your hair.
A happy woman photographing with her healthy diet food
  • Hair Care Diet

    Yes, we are back to the importance of diet on your physical appearance. We all readily accept how food directly affects our body shape but when it comes sto skin care and hair care, people usually adhere to outwards solutions only. Even though external care is integral with the increased pollution and other environmental factors, eating healthy can reverse any physical issues of our body. First of all, hair loss is directly related to less nutrients in your body. So, switch to a nutritious diet immediately.

    Foods to include in your diet: fresh fruits like beetroot, pomegranate and fresh vegetables. You can get your fresh foods supply easily on a daily basis from your grocery delivery app, Milkbakset! Dry fruits, especially almonds are really good for the nutrients your hair require. Include proteins to your diet such as, soybean, egg, yogurt, milk & salmon but definitely avoid whey and creatine products. Sprouts are also a healthy natural source of protein along with the fibre, Vitamin E, Iron and Potassium it offers.
    Water is the best friend for any health issues in your body. It is advisable to drink 8-10 glasses per day to wash away toxins from your body.

    Lastly avoid junk foods and reduce your caffeine consumption as it worsens your hair health. 

Say Hello to Healthy Monsoon Hair

Plan your diet and your external hair care supplies to keep your hair shining, happy & healthy. Avoid bad hair days at all costs! Order all your food & product supplies from your favourite grocery delivery partner, Milkbasket today. 

In case of excessive hair fall, you must consult a dermatologist for a correct diagnosis of the issue causing your hair fall and get the best treatment accordingly.


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