24 May 2023

Miyazaki Mango: World's Most Expensive Mango

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Miyazaki Mango is a ruby-colored, rare variety of the tropical fruit ‘Mango’ from Japan. The worth of Miyazaki Mangoes is estimated to be over a whopping 2.5 Lakh INR (~ $3,300).

However, what’s so special about this sun-kissed Japanese mango fruit that makes it so expensive? Let’s find out.

Ripe miyazaki mangoes hanging from a tree with fresh green leaves.

Which country is Miyazaki mango from?

Miyazaki Mangoes originally came from Japan. They get their name from the city of ‘Miyazaki’ where they are primarily grown — located in the Kyushu prefecture of southern Japan.

Miyazaki is known for its rich production of tropical and juicy fruits. Farmers of Miyazaki grow citrus fruits such as Hyuganatsu, Kinkan, etc., and stone fruits like Miyazaki mangoes and lychees in abundance there.

The fruit varieties grown in this region are popular all over the world. The prefecture of Miyazaki gets ample sunlight and rainfall, making it most suitable for the growth of high-quality fruits.

Can Miyazaki mango be grown in India?

Miyazaki mango is now also being grown by farmers in India and as well as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Myanmar. However, growing these plants requires a lot of care and attention, which is also the reason why they’re so expensive.

What is the Indian name for Miyazaki mango?

In India, the Miyazaki mango variety is also recognized as the ‘Red Sun’ and referred to as ‘Surja Dim’ in Bengali, translating to ‘Red Egg.’

Miyazaki mango is known as Red Sun or red egg due to it's round shaped red coloured appearance

Specifications of Miyazaki Mangoes

Miyazaki Mangoes are a rich purple in color. Some people also refer to this shade as ruby or wine. The best variety of this fruit can weigh anywhere between 350g to 900g. 

Miyazaki Mangoes have a thin peel and are extremely sweet and juicy. Unlike most mango varieties that are rich in fiber, these Japanese drupes are mostly juice and have little to no fiber.

Also, Miyazaki mangoes are of the ‘Irwin’ variety, unlike the yellow pelican variety that’s grown in most parts of Southeast Asia.

The best quality mangoes from Miyazaki are popularly known as ‘Sunshine Eggs’ or Taiyo-Na-Tamago. They’re named so because of their color and shape, which make them resemble a dragon’s egg.

How much does 1 kg Miyazaki mango cost?

Miyazaki mangoes are known for being quite expensive, costing around ₹2.5 lahks to 3 lahks per kg in the international market. That’s a hefty price tag!

Luckily, there are many delicious Indian mango varieties to explore at a more budget-friendly price.

Why are Miyazaki Mangoes so expensive?

miyazaki mango is extremely sweet and sour

The cultivation of Miyazaki Mangoes requires immense care and hard work. Not only do they need extremely hot weather but also abundant rainfall and sunlight.

Miyazaki Mango farmers go a step further to ensure the quality of their produce. The mango trees are grown in controlled and optimized conditions in greenhouses to ensure the perfect temperatures.

The farmers often remove most flowering buds from the branches and stems to ensure that only the chosen fruit gets the maximum amount of the tree’s nutrition.

Apart from these specific weather conditions, the farmers of Miyazaki also put special nets around each fruit. These nets are often put while the fruit is still young.

This is to ensure that each fruit receives sunlight evenly. These nets also act as cushions when these mangoes ripen and fall from their trees.

Not only that, these nets are then also tied to the greenhouse net to provide the fruit extra support as they get really heavy.

Reflectors are placed underneath the fruit so that it gets abundant sunlight from all angles and develops the ruby colour evenly. After all, it is the sunlight that gives these mangoes their deep reddish wine colour. 

The farmer will never handpick a Miyazaki Mango from its tree. For the harvest, the mango must naturally fall from the tree, cushioned by its net.

Miyazaki mango are expensive due to

Miyazaki Mango Health Benefits

Miyazaki Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene. They are high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which help boost immunity and aid digestion.

They also have a high sugar content (15%) which is what makes them so expensive and special. 

Each mango can weigh anywhere from 350g to up to 900g.

How to try Miyazaki mango

Japan is a nation where gifting is held in high regard. These mangoes are usually not eaten as regular snacks, unlike Indian households.

They are beautifully packaged and given as gifts at formal occasions such as weddings, corporate or business functions, etc. 

There are also special Mango Snacks that are made from this prized mango variety which are also quite popular. 

Choose savory Indian mangoes as Miyazaki mango alternative

The Miyazaki mango is amazing and gives a feeling of luxury while consuming it, but it can also be a budget-buster.

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