10 Oct 2022

Mental Health And Its Significance In Your Work Life

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What comes to your mind when you read the words mental health? Depression, anxiety, stress or is it hope, support, help. If it is the first, then you should know people are always there for you and if it is the latter then we urge you to help people out in coping.

Why Was World Mental Health Day Started?

On 10th October, 1992 the World Federation for Mental Health started this day. It was initially started as a way to bring awareness and sensitivity towards mental health and how it affects an individual’s life. The first two years did not have a specific theme or topic that was followed but in 1994, the then Secretary General Eugene Brody suggested that the theme for that year be Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World’ thus began the tradition of focusing on one theme or topic for that year. This year the topic is ‘Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority’ and this theme could not have come at a better time. The past 2 years with the pandemic, people losing their jobs, being stuck inside four walls and so much more has happened that mental health did take a major hit. It became one of the most talked about problems and how people opened up about their struggles, with mental health, problems at their workplace or personal life

Why Is Mental Health Important In Your Work Life?

Always make sure you seek help if you are struggling with anything in your life. And if you are an individual who believes that a colleague or a coworker is struggling with their mental health, then reach out to them and ask them what they need. More often than not, people who suffer, do so in silence, this becomes difficult to address and help. With people increasingly succumbing to peer pressure, stress from work and the constant competition, it is always a good idea to take a step back in case you feel overwhelmed or stressed. It is estimated that annually, US $1 trillion is what the global economy loses due to curable mental health issues like depression and anxiety. For the people who struggle with mental health issues and do not get hired, they struggle far more because being employed is one of the major tenets to the road to recovery.

In order to ensure you take care of yourself and everyone else’s mental health, always work till your mind can manage, in case you feel tired, overburdened or overworked, speak to your superiors and ask them for help. 

  • Always take regular holidays in between work, that way you can just relax, unwind and focus on yourself.
  • Do not revolve your life around work only, have a hobby that is not related to your work, make plans to go out and spend time with friends, family or even yourself.
  • Do not feel guilty about a mistake or spending too much time on one task, we all struggle and that is okay.
  • Always show empathy and not sympathy, to people.
  • Have clear boundaries and if you feel someone is violating it, stand up to them or ask someone else to help you tackle this problem.
  • If you require therapy, seek it and be honest with your therapist
  • If your workplace is too toxic, find another job or you can seek help till you decide what are your next steps.
  • Any form of exercise always helps in tackling any mental health issue.
  • Never judge anyone if they come to you with their problems. Be a good listener and help them the best way you can.

Above all be someone who is open about their struggles, however small or big they may be, speak up! At Milkbasket, we believe that all men and women are equal and we strive to make an environment that works towards helping the employees towards a better workspace and better mental health. We want that all our employees, irrespective of their gender, reach out to the counselors and seek help, because it is confidential and nothing to be ashamed of. In the end we’d like everyone to take a pledge to help their colleagues and report any issues, if they believe an individual is struggling with their mental health.


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