12 Jun 2022

Mango- The King Of Fruits

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He visits my town once a year. He fills my mouth with kisses and nectar. I spend all my money on him. Who girl, your man? No, a mango”

Amir Khusrau

Reminiscing about the time you drank mango juice after mango juice when you returned home after playing in the scorching sun! Well, read on to know more about how mango, the king of fruits is the love of millions. Mangoes are known for their lovely and vibrant yellowy-orange colour and a tangy, sweet and tart taste. Raw mangoes are green and have a very sour taste. In India, they are used to make pickles, chutney or eaten with some chilli powder and salt, as a tangy snack. Mangoes are a part of several desserts ranging from Mango cake, mango sorbet and mango juice to name a few. Buy a range of mangoes from Milkbasket and we’ll deliver it at your doorstep the very next day, by 7 AM.

Marian Plum and Plum Mango bunch on a mango tree. Close up, blurred background

Legend Of The Mango Tree

It is believed that Gods measured the scorching summer heat against the sweetness of the mangoes. The hotter the summer, the sweeter the mango! Mangoes date back to 4000 years ago and had everyone from Amir Khusrau to George Bush be tantalized by the fruit! The mango tree symbolizes eternal love, fertility and wealth. In a vedic-age story it is believed to mark true-love.

The story goes that a king fell in love with Surya Bai, daughter of the Sun God. A jealous and wicked sorceress tricked Surya Bai and threw her in a water tank. That spot where Surya Bai had drowned a Lotus bloomed, catching the depressed King’s attention. The sorceress did not approve of this and burnt the lotus. From the ashes of the lotus a huge tree grew adn from the tree fell the famous fruit, a mango. As it touched the ground, Surya Bai emerged from the fruit and they reunited.

An Emblem Of Wisdom

Yet another vedic text believes that Lord Ganesha and his brother Lord Kartik had an ongoing discord over the magnificent fruit. A competition was decided upon, in which whoever circled the world first, three times over, will be awarded a mango, blessed by a sage. Lord Kartik left on his peacock, for the expedition. Lord Ganesh, on the other hand, circled his parents, symbolizing that his parents are his world, thus, showcasing wisdom. You too can be wise and order your groceries from the online grocery app; Milkbasket. You can even order ingredients for a mango cake.

A Brief History

Mango is a stone fruit and India accounts for more than 50% of the world’s cultivation of the fruit. Mango’s origin is believed to have originated in India’s north eastern region, bordering Myanmar. Alexander the Great took a liking to the mango and carried it back to Greece from the court of King Porus. You however, do not have to go through such hassles! Just order mangoes online on Milkbasket and get it along with your grocery delivery.

According to the Chinese traveler, Hiuen Tsang, The Mauryans had mango trees planted along all road sides as a sign of prosperity. Hiuen Tsang took with him the first ever mango to China. Today, mango features in several of China’s cuisine and desserts.

Mango Cake Recipe

a slice of creamy mango mousse cake on a wooden plate
A slice of mango cake will always uplift your mood
Mangoes (ripe)1 cup diced or as per taste
Oil½ cup + a little extra to grease the mould
Sugar½ cup
All purpose flour1 cup + a little extra to dust the mould
Baking powder1 ½ tsp
Baking Soda¼ tsp
Milk powder2 tbsp
Vinegar1 tbsp
  • Take a 9” aluminium mould, grease it with oil and dust it with flour. Set aside
  • In  blender take 1 cup diced mango, ½ cup oil and ½ cup and blend together for 30 seconds
  • In a bowl sift in 1 cup all purpose flour, 1 ½ tsp baking powder and ¼ tsp baking soda. Add the mango mixture to this.
  • Mix gently, add 2 tbsp milk powder and 1 tbsp vinegar.
  • Transfer this mixture to the mould
  • Place the mould in a bigger vessel, a top an elevated surface, cover it with a lid and cover this vessel with a cloth.
  • Place the bigger vessel on the flame. Put it on medium flame for 2 minutes followed by a lower flame for 25-30 minutes. No need to preheat the vessel.
  • Poke a knife in the middle and pull it out to check if its properly baked. If it comes out clean, it’s ready!

This recipe is just one of the many recipes you can make with mangoes. With online grocery ordering and online grocery delivery at your doorstep, you can get all the ingredients at your fingertips on Milkbasket.


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