19 Jul 2022

Life At Milkbasket

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People often debate about what it is that helps an employee stay in the company and one of the few aspects that always comes up is the Culture. 

Culture is a word that we’ve all heard more than once in discussions, conversations, and orientations, but what does it really mean? How is it created? How does it impact us? 

Brittany Forsyth, the VP of Human Relations of Shopify says, “Determine what behaviors and beliefs you value as a company, and have everyone live true to them. These behaviors and beliefs should be so essential to your core, that you don’t even think of it as culture.” 

Culture can be defined as an organization’s people’s behaviors as well as the attitudes and ideas that inform those behaviors (i.e., “the way we do things around here”), and it encompasses both formal, stated regulations and implicit ways people work and interact. 

Often, the current culture and the “desired” culture – the culture required to support and advance the company’s goals and strategy – are misaligned. In a new culture-building approach, everyone is responsible for cultivating the desired culture. 

milkbasket’s culture and ethos can be understood by speaking with a few people who are a part of it and have contributed to its growth.

Abhishek Karmakar, Design 

The culture made me come back, I realized that along with growth there’s one more crucial factor, and that’s the people. In your work environment, who you surround yourself with makes a huge difference.

Generally, we don’t expect start ups to have the balance of stability and experimentation but milkbasket has evolved to a stage where the company gives its employees the space to explore and grow. When things are not monotonous it helps to be on your toes and keeps your creative juices flowing. 

Ankit Jain, Revenue Management

The journey from ideation to execution is hiccup free in milkbasket because everyone is open to fresh ideas, eager to implement them and measure its results for the good.

You only get to know an organization or a business in its entirety when you become a part of it. Joined milkbasket around 2.5 years ago, he moved from Bangalore to Gurgaon and as he spent more time in milkbasket he became even more aware about the business model, its processes and the culture which strengthened his confidence even further about this company’s success.

As his bond grew stronger with milkbasket he realized that the company has built a culture where every employee wants to go an extra mile and give their 100% for its customers, without any hassle.

Pooja Leekhi, Human Resources 

As I was leaving as my base changed I was asked, when would I return? Conversations like these make you want to be a part of such organizations again, and clearly that question did make a difference as we sit here and have this conversation. 

Joining the team at milkbasket helped her grow in more ways than one. She built a problem solving attitude and took decisions by grabbing the situations by its horns. She moved from TA to a people oriented role as everyone believed that this is something which came to her naturally, bringing about changes seamlessly, connecting with people, culture management, and boy do we agree? Hell yes! 

She says, this is a place where you can walk up to literally anyone and have a conversation about the things you want to do here or the challenges you are facing. From your leads to the CEO, everyone will be ready to help you align your thoughts and execute ideas that you’ve wanted to. 

Ashwini Kumar, Growth & Strategy

Exercising the milestone thought process, Last year at this time we were at 50,000 orders and today we stand at 1.5 lakh orders. This was only possible because everyone worked with the concept of building and achieving short-term milestones instead of daily goals, or weekly targets. Short-term milestones give you room to play around with ideas while still being able to achieve the bigger goal.

To successfully build any company it’s important to understand its legacy. A creative culture has always been a part of milkbasket and no rule has ever been in place to restrict people to doing only one type of thing. Everyone is provided enough space and freedom to do things that one finds interesting and exciting. 

Ashwini believes that when a company grows it becomes an important task to scale the culture of the company along with it and transfer the vision to everyone who becomes a part of it and milkbasket has been great at it. 

The only way you can grow in a company is when the leadership places their trust in you and helps you take bold decisions that will enable the company to grow and achieve even bigger goals. 

Pratiksha Vichhivora, Content

Given how the year was, it was highly unlikely that I would get a job, let alone a good job. The job was an answer to a prayer that I had had for a long time.

Pratiksha joined milkbasket in October 2020, after doing several freelance projects,  she felt she was ready for a long term job. Mr. Sahil Madan was the one who interviewed me and Ms. Vidhya did my second round.

She says she still remembers the day she got the offer letter, it felt like her 4.5 years of hard work had culminated into this offer and was over the moon. It has been 1.7 months in milkbasket and the learning has been immense about writing, myself and life as a whole. 

She has made friends who have become family, a home away from home.  “I would say in conclusion, I wouldn’t have it any other way, from where I stand it is pretty darn gorgeous!” 

As cliché as it may sound, the culture of a company is the glue that binds everyone together and helps people believe in the vision. Some firms have already implemented a new culture-building strategy in which everyone is accountable. This strategy, therefore, does not abandon culture-building to a vague concept that everyone influences but no one leads or is accountable for.

Shared responsibility for culture in an organization entails various people and functions within the organization playing different responsibilities in building and maintaining the culture. Only when each & every one in the organization is an equal part of building the culture of the company and taking it forward only then will a company achieve its greatest potential. 


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