30 Jun 2022

The Most Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Gurgaon: A World Social Media Day Special

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Cafe food is soul food. You can eat at all sorts of restaurants and try as many cuisines as you like. However, come a beautiful Saturday evening or a Sunday brunch-o-clock, nothing beats a quaint & easy-vibing cafe. And if you’re in the smart city of Gurgaon, count on this list for the most Instagram-worthy cafes you can visit.

Gurgaon cafes with a great vibe

A cafe vibe is made whole and perfect by a great mixture of a lot of defining elements, such as: –

  1. Music
  2. Decor
  3. Food
  4. Service
  5. All-day breakfast options

The best thing about good cafes is that they pay attention to the tiniest details. Yet, they are all about not trying too hard and just going with the flow. Ideally, when you go to a cafe, you expect it to be a casual dining experience. Somewhere you can go to in your trendiest and/or over-sized streetwear, but also in smart business casuals or even formals. 

Our list includes cafes that are fun, whether you go there alone or in a group. The music is neither too loud nor so low that you wished it were wee louder. We love it when it is just about perfect that it keeps you grooving and also lets you hold long conversations. Such perfection just calls for an Instagram reel that justifies your joy, and these cafes are absolutely worthy!

Oh, and let’s not forget about all-day breakfast options. No cafe ever became the absolute godsent without all-day breakfast options. Breakfast, any time of the day, is the privilege we need, whether or not we deserve it.

The most Instagram-worthy Cafes in Gurgaon

di Ghent

Location: 2nd Floor, Crosspoint Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Elevator Pitch: A beautiful Belgian-themed cafe with a boulangerie (bakery) – with cabin interiors, great music, amazing menu and service. Absolutely intagram-worthy!

best instagram worthy cafes in gurgaon with great vibe
Some of our favourites from Cafe di Ghent’s
Instagram feed

Di Ghent (pronounced as dai-gant) literally means From Ghent, which is the third largest city in Belgium. The cafe promises to deliver a wholesome European experience to its customers, from coffee to bakery items. The menu has the Belgian names of our favourite European and continental dishes (with english descriptions, fortunately). 

This cafe was opened nearly 10 years ago but has consistently delivered outstanding food and service. The decor is warm and pleasant – with cabin style walls lined with frames and bookshelves. The servers are polite and knowledgeable about the menu and the music is always on point. When you look out the window, you have a partial but beautiful view of the Gurgaon skyline.

Now let’s talk about the food here. The menu is expansive and gives you great options from gluten-free to vegan, appetizers to all day breakfast, mains, and great salads. All of their bakery items are quite exceptionally done too! 

C’est La Vie

Location: 1st loor, tower 4, Worldmark, Sector 65, Gurgaon

Elevator Pitch: This picturesque cafe serves world food along with an extensive menu of delicious desserts. It’s been a favourite of Gurgaon people for many years now. Despite shifting into a bigger, more urban space, it’s quite the wait for a table on Saturdays!

Cafe C'est La Vie's tempting Instagram Posts & stories
Cafe C’est La Vie’s tempting Instagram Posts & stories

C’est La Vie – World Food Cafe offers you a vibrant, green & earthy, yet a modern technical decor. It blends into the old school with its tribute to Harry Potter as soon as you step foot inside the high-ceilinged cafe. Even at its full capacity, the cafe seating still manages to give you a comfortably private yet casual vibe.

A mild and groovy music plays in the background, and the service is a full ten on ten. The food offers a variety of pizzas, crepes, eggs, sandwiches, burgers, appetizers and mains, etc. The beverages and the amazing all-day breakfast options are an absolute hit too.

The cafe provides both indoor as well as outdoor seating options. If you are a dessert-lover, then cafe C’est La Vie’s dessert counter is your heaven. They have a huge variety of desserts which will also be some of the most delicious ones you’ve ever had.

Cafe StayWoke

Location: Ground floor, tower 4, Worldmark, Sector 65, Gurgaon

Elevator Pitch: This global fusion cafe has an easy vibe with a cozy yet modern decor with both indoor and outdoor seating. It serves some delicious & fascinating global and regional appetizers & mains. Makes for a perfect instagram reel, whether you’re with family or on a special date.

Cafe StayWoke's Instagram feed is a mood
Cafe StayWoke’s Instagram feed is a mood

The decor and vibe of this recently-opened cafe has quickly gained a huge following. The music here is always on point along with a polite and welcoming staff. However, the most fascinating bit about this place is its amazing food and menu. It ranges from the regular cafe affair to innovative fusion dishes.

This cafe also has a bar that serves some really delicious cocktails as well. The views from its windows and outdoor sofas is really soothing, especially during breezy evenings. Our recommendations are Summer Mushroom & Spinach skillet, chicken ghee roast, the granola bowl, the avocado appams, and the mushroom toasts.

Greenr Cafe

Location: 32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurugram, Haryana

Elevator Pitch: Greenr Cafe has positioned itself as a sustainable and conscious brand and a champion of mainstream Vegan dining. It has the promise of cozy and artsy interiors, an extensive menu, fine service, and surprisingly delicious food. This story deserves to be on your Instagram highlights.

best instagram worthy cafes in gurgaon with great vibe
Follow Greenr on Instagram for regular updates

Like the name says, the interiors and decor of the cafe is Green and woody. You can almost always count on the hotel staff to be playing the perfect music with an evening chill vibe. At all times of the day! Greenr is redefining healthy and conscious eating with a twist of taste – making it one of the most Instagram-worthy cafes in Gurgaon

Greenr cafe is known for its Vegan menu. Surprisingly, there are numerous options for you to try and there’s something for every palate. Just the idea of meat-free, dairy-free eating done so deliciously and innovatively makes it compelling to visit this cafe. However, once you have visited here, it’s hard not to become a regular. 

This artsy book cafe also has pop-ups, kiosks, workshops and events every now and then. More than being a perfect cafe, it also is a pioneer in adding to the culture in the NCR region. Some of their most recommended dishes are ragi nachos, tapioca fries, Tuscan Shroom balls, shroom balls pizza, Downtown Beirut Falafel Burger, Bangkok Street Tofu Bowl, and the Austin Jackfruit Rolls.They also have a number of vegan desserts options.


Location: Ground floor, Cross Point Mall, opp. Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Elevator Pitch: A warm and laid-back book cafe with cozy interiors, great music, delicious continental food, and lovely staff. They only use organic produce and whole grain in their recipes. All sweetening is done using jaggery, honey, or natural fruits.

Some yummy posts from Getafix's official Instagram handle
Some yummy posts from Getafix’s official Instagram handle

From juices, yoghurt smoothies, coffee and pizzas to sandwiches, mains, and desserts – Getafix does it all. It’s a perfect example of how healthy eating can be absolutely delicious. Apart from gluten-free and vegan options, they also offer healthier versions of all our favouites. They have decent options for healthier desserts as well.

From the moment you enter the cafe, a feeling of earthiness quickly catches on to you. There is a huge blackboard with handwritten menu specials and motivating quotes. There is no refined sugar, oil, or flour that is used in their kitchen. Even the burgers come with whole-wheat or multi-grain buns with a side of air-fried wedges. On a scale of one to yummy, Getafix scores an easy ‘explosion of taste and goodness’.

Getafix has consistently been a cafe where your Shazam would constantly be working. The music is very groovy and adds to the chill vibe of the place. They have a lot of board games and books as well for you to enjoy. All in all, this one is one of our all time favourite Instagram worthy cafes in Gurgaon.

House #309 by Sweet Obsession

Location: Top Floor, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Elevator Pitch: This cozy, modern, and woody cafe is designed like an actual French mountain cottage. The moment you enter, you feel rich and at home. The food menu has regular humble cafe food but you’d love to visit here for a date.

Some posts from Cafe Sweet Obsession's Instagram handle - instagram worthy cafe
Some posts from Cafe Sweet Obsession’s Instagram handle

What make this cafe one of our favourites among the instagram-worthy cafes in Gurgaon is its decor. It has beautiful Victorian yet modern interiors. All the seating arrangement is done within separate sections of the cafe, each designed like a separate room. There’s the bedroom, even a laundry space, a kitchen, a bath-tub turned into a table-for-two, the dining table, and the lounge, etc. 

It’s run by the same team that runs the bakery Sweet Obsession which is famous for its designer cakes. On a vibe level, this cafe is a quaint 7. It has an away-from-the-world vibe to it. On food level, it deserves a humble six. On aesthetics, we give it a solid 8!

The Library by Melt-House

Location: 32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurgaon

Elevator Pitch: This Cafe and Bar has a rich library with great books, great music, and amazing European food. Not only is it located in the most insta-worthy location in Gurgaon, it has quite the decor to serve as a perfect reel itself. Offers great sandwiches, burgers, cocktails, pizzas, toasties, signature cookies and salads to choose from.

Snapshots from Library cafe by Melthouse's Instagram feed in instagram worthy cafes in gurgaon
Snapshots from Library by Melthouse’s Instagram feed

Just as the name suggests, the cafe is basically a little library. The walls are lined with framed posters and rare pictures of some of the greatest writers in history. Albert Camus, Charles Bukowski, Jawaharlal Nehru, B. R Ambedkar, Franz Kafka etc have made it to the walls. The interiors are quite European yet contemporary. 

The menu offers a variety of gourmet cafe food options – with great salads, toasts and sandwiches made with sourdough breads and artisanal cheeses, house-made specialty cookies, etc. A lot of their dishes are also relatively healthy and nutritious. They also serve amazing milkshakes.

Cafe Nauticalmile

Location: M3M Urbana, Golf Course Extension, Gurgaon

Elevator Pitch: This tiny travel cafe started by a pilot is warm and snug, pet-friendly, and very cool. The tables may be few, but their menu is quite detailed and huge. They offer specialty dishes from around the world and amazing coolers too. 

snapshots of cafe nauticalmile's insagram feed in instagram worthy cafes in gurgaon
What Cafe Nauticalmile’s Instagram feed looks like

With all day breakfast options, from a variety of cuisines, we put this cafe as a big contender on the list of instagram worthy cafes in Gurgaon. Started by a young couple that loves to travel, it makes for a great humble beginning story. If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to meet their tiny shih-tzu pup at the cafe.

It is advisable that you visit this cafe in a smaller group since the service can be slightly delayed. This is because they have a relatively smaller kitchen. However, we’d definitely recommend that you visit here and support them so they can fix that problem! Our menu recommendations here are: The Belgian Waffle combo, Mushroom & Florentine Omelette, Sausage & Eggs meal, open focaccia sandwich, stuffed grilled chicken breast, the naughty guava cooler, cortado, cold coffee frappe, etc.

We also give brownie points to this selfie worthy place for the tiny boutique inside the cafe. It’s truly a dreamy place, started with passion. Is it great for some alone time reading? Definitely yes! Also, this cafe is that they also have a mic and a mic stand. Therefore, if you’re in the mood on the weekends, hop on over for a warm little karaoke too! Children seem to love it here.

Have you previously been to any of these cafes? Then, which ones have been your favourites? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to know if you found this article helpful and would love more such content.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to have some cafe style food at home, you have online grocery delivery apps to bring you everything at home! You can find some great recipes in the Recipes section of our blog too. To order ingredients and groceries at home, get the Milkbasket app.


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