30 Sep 2022

Indoor Plants: Update Your Home Interiors

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Indoor plants have become basic when it comes to home decor. Along with their significance on improving air quality and other stress busting benefits, indoor plants are a smart design addition to any home. They can improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%, boost mood, lower stress levels, and even purify the air as per NBC News reports. And as for decor indoor plants are also primarily a source of aesthetic beauty that add colour, texture and make a space lively. 

In today’s times it does not matter how bad your apartment building may look from outside. What matters is the interiors and how one customises their house’s decor to their own personality. Plant décor is an art which helps a lot in brightening up rooms with minimum investment. One can simply put the flowers and include plant colours that resonate with their personality and choices. 

Types of Indoor Plants to Use For Home Decor

Plants placed near a window

Plant décor not only increases the view of your house but keeps it fresh. It purifies the air inside and keeps you healthy too. So, you are not just getting aesthetic advantages of plants but also many health benefits. There are many scientific theories which also suggest that plants are a great way to decorate a house for health-related benefits as it reduces toxins from the air.

Some of the types indoor plants to add texture & colour to your spaces are listed below:

Floor Indoor Plants

indoor plants placed on the floor

These kinds of indoor plants come with a lot of creativity and scope for decor. All you need is empty floor spaces or corners. The colour of your room doesn’t even matter when you use floor plants for decoration. These can be small enough to be kept on a table or long enough to decorate the sides of your furniture. 

Having said that, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to using a floor plant. Such as, keeping the floor plant in proper lighting as they breathe too. The size and scale of your floor plant should match the space or furniture they are kept next to in your room. A small room with a big floor plant does not look good and a big room with a small floor plant will leave a lot of empty space. So, make sure to keep the size in sync with the placement of your indoor plants. 

Orchids: Floral Indoor Plant

Orchid as an indoor plant decor

The beautiful Orchids are everyone’s instant favourite. They are beautiful and are available in a number of colours to choose from. An orchid is an elegant plant which will help add colour to your collection of greens when it comes to indoor plants. Orchids are the first choice of every interior designer when they think of using colourful plants for decoration. Majorly because of the texture & silhouettes of orchids along with their engaging and bright colour. The best part is that the placement of orchids does not matter in a room. They draw attention towards them even if they are placed in a dull corner in any room.

Custom Indoor Plants: Cut Blooms

Variety of flowers to prepare cut blooms set

This is where your creativity comes into play. Cut blooms survive from a week to 10-15 days and give you a chance to revamp the decor as per your mood or occasion. It takes less time to arrange and does not require much attention either. Along with various plants, you can use cut blooms, this will give a whole new look with minimum effort every time.

Cacti & Succulents

Catus and its variety for plants

Not everyone can cater to indoor planting or gardening in general as it requires a lot of care and proper sunlight and weather to keep growing healthy. If  you are someone who doesn’t have the time for this care then you can use succulents and cacti plants to decorate your home. This is because succulents and cacti types of plants need almost no attention.

These plants are much easier to care for and also look unique with their varied shapes and shades of green. These plants are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and can keep growing since they are desert plants. However, you have to water these plants in little amounts and no other maintenance is required. 

Wall-Hanging Indoor Plants

Wall hung indoor plants & decor

Wall hangings change the decor of the room altogether. Whether it’s with light or paintings and other artefacts. Wall hangings can make a room appear bigger or small just by their placement. You can place plants to decorate your house in a lot of creative ways. Among all those ways, the best aesthetic placement of your plants is hanging or placed high on a wall. You can place different kinds of pots including herbs and place them on a wall in various designs or randomly. One of those plants can be a lavender as it is a plant that reduces stress and adds beauty with its subtle shade and texture. You can even create an herb garden for your kitchen. You can use what you have grown on an everyday basis as a personal mini garden and gift yourself with a wonderful hobby!

Decorating with indoor plants has numerous benefits; they produce extra oxygen through photosynthesis, help reduce stress, and can even increase your productivity if you include them on your desk or in your home office.

Plants are a great way to refresh and rejuvenate your interior design. Room dividers, focal points and plant walls are just some ways to use indoor plants in your home. Order your indoor plants today with Milkbasket and kickstart your plant decor journey with your most loved grocery delivery app! We are here to brighten up your day!


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