16 Jun 2023

Reach Your Fitness Goals with High Protein Vegan Foods

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Proteins are called ‘macro-nutrients’ – which means that our body requires them in large amounts for our proper functioning. They are called the building blocks of our body and they are essential for our growth and sustenance. In this blog, we will share with you how protein works and high-protein vegan foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet. Switch to a healthy plant-based diet by reading this blog about Vegan Foods and Food Alternatives to add to your diet

All About Protein, Its Importance, & High Protein Vegan Foods

What is Protein?

the function of vegan protein in the body

Proteins are called the building blocks of our body for a reason. They are present in each and every cell of our body. They help our cells grow and also repair tissue. 

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids. There are 3 types of amino acids:

  • Essential Amino Acids: These types of amino acids are not naturally found in the body. They have to be consumed via external sources like meat, dairy, eggs, etc. They are also present in high protein vegan foods such as legumes, soy, pulses etc.
  • Non-Essential Amino Acids: These acids are made by the body when breaking down the essential amino acids in the process of digestion and absorption
  • Conditional Amino Acids: These acids are not essential but become deficient during times of illness and injury. Our bodies cannot synthesize them during periods of infancy or sickness.

What is the importance of Protein in our body?

Bodybuilders and athletes generally emphasize consuming protein to grow muscle and strength. During exercise, muscle tissue is stressed and it breaks – and gets repaired and grows when we consume protein. Even though dairy products, eggs, chicken, fish and meat are great and abundant sources of protein, there are plenty of high protein vegan foods as well. 

vegan protein sources

 Consuming protein is important for our body for the following reasons:

  • Growth: Our body constantly breaks protein while performing various bodily functions and activities. It then assimilates the proteins that we consume to build muscle and tissue.
  • Cell Communication: Some proteins that are hormones help different cells and tissues of our body communicate with each other. They send signals and messages to activate different bodily processes and reactions in various organs and tissues.
  • Repair Tissue: Proteins help repair tissues that have been damaged due to injury or exercise.
  • Provide Strength: Proteins provide strength and structure to our tissue like skin, hair, bones, ligaments, nails, etc.
  • Maintain pH Balance: The maintenance of the level of acids and bases is really important for our body. Proteins are an important way that our body regulates the levels of acidity and basicity.

Are High Protein Vegan Foods Enough To Meet My Fitness Goals?

There are 20 Amino Acids that make up the structure of proteins. Out of these, 9 are essential amino acids – which are not naturally present in our body but need to be consumed from external sources. The other acids can be synthesized by our body using these 9 essential amino acids. 

Animal sources of protein include chicken, eggs, fish, red meat, milk and dairy products such as yogurt, and cheese etc. Plant-based sources of protein include legumes (pulses, lentils & beans), nuts and nut butter, whole grains, seeds, soy products, etc.

vegan protein foods to meet fitness goals

The main difference between plant and animal sources of protein is the availability of essential amino acids. While Animal sources of protein contain all essential amino acids, many plant sources do not contain all the essential amino acids. They need to be combined with other foods for a complete amino acid profile. Read this blog about healthy and high protein vegan foods recipes made using Green Gram (mungbean).

High Protein Vegan Foods with Complete Amino Acid Profile

Recipes made with soybeans and soybean products such as tofu, tempeh and soy chunks etc are complete sources of protein. Peanuts and Peanut Butter also offer 26 g of protein for every 100 g and also offer a complete amino acid profile.

indian meals with complete protein amino acid profile combine legumes and grains

Many beans and legumes are rich in protein but don’t necessarily contain a complete amino acid profile. However, when they are combined with whole grains such as rice, whole wheat bread or chapati, etc, they become high protein vegan foods. Spirulina is also among superfoods which when combined with quinoa, oats, or whole grains offer a complete amino acid profile.

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Stay tuned to the Milkbasket blog for amazing tips & hacks, seasonal foods, lifestyle content, and amazing recipes. If you found this blog useful, let us know in the comments below! You can also tell us which ones are your top choices for vegetarian protein. Switch to a healthy plant-based diet by reading this blog about Vegan Foods and Food Alternatives to add to your diet


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