13 Jun 2024

World Blood Donor Day: Foods That Boost Your Blood

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World Blood Donor Day is a celebration of selfless individuals donating blood to people in need. Every year, on the 14th of June, the world focuses on safe blood donation. It highlights how blood products can save lives. This day highlights the gravity of the question ‘why donate blood’ and the benefits of donating blood in one’s life.

The primary objective of Blood Donor’s Day is to raise awareness among people about blood donation. Organized by WHO, the World Health Organisation of the United Nations, World Blood Donor Day underscores the global impact of blood donation. This blog will educate you about the history of Blood Donor Day. It will also highlight the importance of blood donation and its benefits. Additionally, it will discuss the food items that will help you boost your blood.

World Blood Donor Day Theme 2024

This year marks ‘20 years’ or ‘2 decades’ of celebrating World Blood Donor Day. This year, WHO has announced the theme: ’20 Years of Celebrating Giving: thank you, blood donors!’. WHO takes it as an opportunity to acknowledge the volunteers who regularly donate blood and provide assistance. The objective of the Blood Donation Day campaign is to exhibit the achievements of the national blood donation program. WHO also shares the best lessons learned on blood donor day. It is the initiative taken to promote the culture of regular blood donation.

World Blood Donor History

World Blood Donor Day was first established on 14th June by WHO in 2004. This event is celebrated to raise public awareness about sufficient blood in the body. It emphasizes the importance of safe blood donation. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner. He was a Nobel Prize winner for his thoughtful discovery of the ABO Blood Group System. It is about donating blood voluntarily, saving the lives of many people in need.

Why Donate Blood?

India requires an annual average of 14.6 million blood units showcasing the blood unit bag and Indian Map

Most people ask, ‘Why donate blood’ or ‘What is the importance of blood donation’ and to educate them, we are here. Blood donation is a critical aspect and there are several reasons for the question;  why donate blood?! Some of them are:

  • A substantial amount of blood is needed in times of emergencies. Donated blood plays a crucial role in saving lives. To treat injuries at the right time, doctors need a readily available blood supply.
  • In emergencies such as surgeries, birth complications, cancer treatments, anemia, accidents, and various other medical conditions, donated blood serves as a lifeline.
  • Regular blood donation helps in improving your medical conditions, physically and mentally. Helping one to lead a healthy, stress-free life.
  • Your donated blood can be used in blood transfusions; In conditions where regular blood cleaning or change of blood is required.
  • Furthermore, blood donation fosters awareness about the importance of clean blood. Also, the necessity of maintaining adequate blood levels within the body.

Benefits of Donating Blood

There are several benefits of donating blood regarding emotional and physical health. Some of the benefits according to the Mental Health Foundation report are:

  • Donating blood reduces stress; promoting stress-free life
  • Improves the emotional well-being of a human
  • It helps in improving physical health as well
  • Reduces negative feeling.
  • Reduces isolation; providing a sense of belonging

Foods To Boost Your Blood Supply

To lead a healthy lifestyle, having a good blood flow in your body is important. Maintaining good blood health in the body is crucial. To achieve this, you need to consume a balanced diet rich in nutrients. There are some foods that can pump your blood to support healthy blood circulation in the body. Let’s have a look:


It is crucial to drink a lot of water daily as it helps maintain good blood volume and circulation.


Pomegranate helps in blood circulation and supply, as it is rich in iron and antioxidants.


Doctors to Desi households recommend beetroot for better blood flow and oxygen in the body. Incorporating it into daily meals can be highly beneficial.

Vitamin C-Rich Foods🍊

Strawberries, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Tomatoes, and Citrus Fruits are the best sources of Vitamin C that one can eat easily.

Vitamin B12 Rich Foods💊

For red blood cell formation to Neurological function, Vitamin B12 is necessary. You can find Vitamin B12 in fortified food and supplements.

Iron-rich Foods🥦

To make hemoglobin and protein in red blood cells, you need iron-rice food. The human body needs to consume a good amount of different kinds of iron-rich food. Lentils, Spinach, Beans, Tofu, and Fortified Cereals are some of the food items that one should include in their meal.


Apart from them, you can also add copper-rich food and folic acid sources to your meal. You can get them from leafy sources, chestnuts, whole grains, avocado, lentils, and asparagus. 

The food mentioned above can also help you in controlling your blood sugar. To know more about how you can control your blood sugar with these foods, click here.

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