26 Sep 2022

Eat These 5 Foods To Keep Common Cold & Seasonal Flu At Bay During The Changing Season!

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As we transition into the colder season, many of us are likely to experience cold and flu. This is because the weather conditions are more conducive to these viruses. Therefore, it is essential to understand how you can prevent the onset of a cold or the flu

The flu virus starts its life cycle in October and lasts until May. During this time period, the virus spreads through the respiratory tract to infect people. Children are the most vulnerable to this virus, which is why it is important to prevent them from coming into contact with people who are infected. Unfortunately, once a person contracts the virus. there is no cure. You must focus on managing the symptoms for as long as the virus persists.

Why Do Most People Fall Sick During A Season Change? 🍂

Changes in weather can cause people to become ill. For example, the change from summer to fall can lead to an increase in illnesses like the common cold. Here are some reasons why this can happen:

  1. During cold weather, our bodies produce fewer white blood cells. These cells play an important role in fighting off infections. This means that we will be more susceptible to infection in the colder months of the year.
  1. Seasonal changes can also affect our immune system in other ways. Research has shown that seasonal allergies are quite common in the fall and winter months. Allergies can trigger a release of histamine, which can cause a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms. When our bodies are exposed to more allergens than usual during a change of season, it can weaken our immune system and increase the chances of becoming ill.
  1. Poor nutrition can also play a role. When we aren’t eating nutritious food on a regular basis, it can affect our health and lead to illness. In order to stay healthy and strong, we need to provide our bodies with all the essential vitamins and minerals that we need. Eating a well-balanced diet is especially important during the fall and winter months when we tend to eat more comfort foods and less fruits and vegetables. This can lead to a deficiency in important nutrients such as iron, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin D, and protein.

Symptoms Of Common Cold & Seasonal Flu 🤒

Symptoms of flu and common cold are quite similar, and often overlap with each other. These include coughing, a sore throat, and a runny nose. In some cases, people may experience fever, muscle pains, fatigue, and headaches. 

There is no cure for these illnesses. but you can treat them with medication to reduce the duration of the symptoms.  The best treatment option is prevention! Using proper hygiene techniques will greatly reduce the risk of contracting either condition. 

Wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer when it is not possible to wash your hands. Also, try to avoid contact with people who exhibit similar symptoms.

Food Items That Boost Your Immunity Against Cold & Flu 💊🥗

Everyone knows that staying healthy and avoiding infections is key to preventing colds, but what about the best foods to help build immunity against them? Eating healthy foods that promote good overall health is always important for preventing infection and illness, but consuming certain foods on a regular basis can help strengthen the immune system even further and protect against common cold and flu symptoms. These include the following:

  1. Vitamin C Rich Foods
  2. Foods With Healthy Fats
  3. Red Meat
  4. Eggs
  5. Chicken & Fish

Vitamin C  🍋

Vitamin C rich foods including berries, citrus fruits, leafy greens and vegetables are all excellent sources of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of colds and flu in particular.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, mosambi (sweet lime), keenu, pears and grapefruits are particularly good sources.  Kiwis are another delicious source of vitamin C, as well as tomatoes and papayas.

Healthy Fats 🥜🌰

Healthy fats are present in foods such as avocado, nuts, olive oil and salmon that are essential for a healthy immune system and help to reduce inflammation. 

Omega-3 fatty acids in particular are important as they contribute to the maintenance of a healthy immune system, particularly during winter months when exposure to viruses is higher. However, it is important to include a variety of healthy fats in a balanced diet rather than just focusing on omega-3s.

Red Meat 🥩

Red meat, in moderation (Once per week), contains beneficial nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamins A and D which help to keep the immune system healthy and fight off infections. It also helps you build muscle strength in the body.

Eggs 🥚🥚

Eggs contain high levels of protein and vitamin D which are both important for the immune system and also promote bone health. In addition, they contain all nine essential amino acids which need to be obtained from diet as the body cannot produce them on its own.

Chicken 🍗

Like eggs, chicken is a good source of protein and also contains vitamin B6 and selenium which help to support the immune system. It is low in fat and calories making it suitable for a healthy diet as well. Chicken breasts are the best to be consumed for a healthier diet and easy to eat as these are without bones and can be easily incorporated into any recipe.

Wind or winters, what’s best is that you can order fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dry fruits and more via the Milkbasket app and we’ll deliver these to your doorstep, fresh every day. So you can make sure you’re eating fresh daily without needing to step out of your house in the chilling winters.

Let’s eat healthy to stay healthy!💪


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