21 Oct 2022

Looking for Last-minute Diwali Gifts Online? Milkbasket has you covered!

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While the weather seems to get cooler near Diwali, especially in the Northern states of the country, our hearts seem to get warmer and calmer. Traditionally, Diwali is also an occasion where we express our gratitude and love to the people in our lives. That is why gifting is a huge part of the Diwali tradition. So, if you’re looking for Diwali Gifts online for your loved ones, we have just the right spread for you.

Go all out on expressing your love with Milkbasket’s Diwali Gifts

Diwali time is a very special time. Now, we’re not just about the festivities and celebrations that we all look forward to. We’re talking about the feelings of warmth, joy, togetherness, and enthusiasm that you can almost feel in the air. The breeze becomes a little cold; everywhere you look, there are lights. Everyone seems to be brimming with zeal and everything feels exciting.

Now, the best part about gifts is that you can get as creative with them as you want. They become all the more special when you customize them based on the receiver’s likes and needs. Well, we’ve done some of the work for you in curating the right gifts for your different friends’ personality types. Thinking Diwali Gifts Online? Think NoMO!

Milkbasket’s ultimate list of Diwali Gifts for you

Well, you’re kidding us if you don’t have friends that fit certain stereotypes. No, we’re not asking you to label your friends something shallow! But you know what we’re talking about, don’t you

For all the Sassy ones who love to talk and munch

Now, this is our chosen pick for all the sassy queens and kings who love to talk and munch. This gift pack consists of the best assortments of namkeens. They are perfect for your goss sessions, whether they’re over tea, coffee, or drinks!

Haldiram’s Chatpati Baatein Gift Pack

Milkbasket Price: Rs 350

For the lover of Chocolates (Particularly Silk & Rochers)

Nothing says ‘love, warmth, and celebrations’ like chocolates. They’re the real OG luxury gift and will irrevocably remain so. Our collection of chocolates will surprise you, but we have selected the best ones of them all. They have the right packaging, luxe chocolates, and the perfect festive vibe.

Cadbury Celebrations Silk Special Selection Gift Pack

Cadbury Silk Luxurious Pralines Chocolates Gift Pack

Ferrero Rocher Festive Pack 

For the health-conscious bakers and lovers of protein

Well, for lovers of all things healthy and proteinaceous, you can never go wrong with dried fruits and nuts. Nuts are full of unsaturated fats (also known as healthy fats), fibre, protein, complex carbs, and essential micronutrients. Similarly, dried fruits are also full of fibre and essential micronutrients while also providing energy.

Good Life Potli Pack of Nuts (200g Almonds, 200g Cashews)

(MRP 499, Mb Price: Rs 324)

Good Life Diwali Gift Pack (200g Cashews, 200g Raisins, 200g Almonds)

(MRP: Rs 1149, Mb Price: 574 || 50% off)

Nutraj Signature 4ever Nuts 

(MRP: Rs 1400, Mb Price: Rs 700) | Pista, kaju, almond, raisin

For the Office-Goers & Kitchenware Hoarders

Now, traditional gifting demands that we give precious cutlery, glassware, storage and ceramic ware as desirable Diwali gifts. At our mothers’ behest, since times immemorial, we have exchanged kitchen ware as gifts – whether it’s Christmas, Diwali, or innocent middle school birthdays. If you have a friend who goes to the office/workplace often, Milkbasket’s traditional gifting section has everything you need.

Borosil Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Bag

(MRP: Rs 3190, Mb Price: Rs 2499)

Borosil Bolt Stainless Steel Bottle 

(MRP: Rs 865, Mb Price: Rs 599)

Happy Living Copper Glass 

(MRP: Rs 299, Mb Price: Rs 179)

For the ones with a sweet truth – Diwali gifts for Mithai Lovers

Mithai is an inseparable part of Diwali. But for some of us, the wait can’t wait for Diwali. So if you have a sweet friend who just can’t do without some sweets – here are some gifts that you readily get.

Haldiram’s Meethe Meethe Pal Pack 

(Mb Price: 440 Rs)

Bikano Kaju Katli

Haldiram’s Besan Laddoo

For Lovers of a Good Cookie

Bikano Baked Delight Rejoice Gift Pack 

(Mb Price: Rs 350)

Unibic Celebration Gift Pack

(Mb Price: Rs 450)

For lovers of warm vibes and all things traditional on Diwali

Some people love to deck up their houses, balconies, and offices. They’re most happy at the sight of anything that says decor and warmth. And if you’re looking for traditional Diwali gifts online, here are some of the best options for you.

Creative Space Lakshmi Ganesh Moorti: 

(Mb Price: Rs 212)

MangalBhavan Handicraft Colorful Diwali Puja Kit (all-in-one kit with 42 Diwali puja articles)

(Mb Price: Rs 799)

If you’re in a city where Milkbasket delivers, just download the app and order anything you want. You’ll get it at your doorstep latest by 7 AM the next day! Oh, and do find some exciting sign-up coupon codes and offers which will give you great cashback and promotional discounts.


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