01 Oct 2022

Durga Puja - Maa Esche!

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Durga Puja is an important festival celebrated in Hinduism and it has a significant meaning. This festival is celebrated in the honour of Goddess Durga. Durga is a deity, who is said to be the incarnation of goddess parvati. Many times the idols are also made on the theme of current events that particular year. 

During this festival, beautiful and captivating idols of Goddess Durga are made from clay. They are adorned on top of roofs or pandals and celebrate the festival with offerings to Goddess Durga. Everyone wears new clothes and jewellery. They go for pujas and of course eat some great food too! The infamous pandal hopping is carried out where people go from one pandal to another to look at the captivating idols on display. Many cultural activities are carried out such as dancing, singing and a few games throughout the 5 days of festivities. The food eaten during this festival is rich, tasty, sweet and delicious. Sandesh, rasgullas, loochi mangsho and so much more is consumed

Durga Puja begins on the 6th day of Navrarti festivities. It is called as shoshti in bengali. It is predominantly celebrated in West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Tripura, Bihar and Jharkhand. With migration and bengali communities growing across the country and in the world, durga puja is now celebrated world wide. During the 8th or 9th day many people observe a fast, in which they consume only milk and vegetables or one meal a day. This is to show their devotion and deep love for Goddess Durga Maa. 

One of the few things which can only be seen during Durga Puja are the dhaks. The big drums are beaten to rhythmic music and that indicates that puja has started. Along with this a conch shell is blown to make a loud, sonorous sound, which is basically music to all the devotees ears! Blowing the conch shell is a talent most people do not have and it is extremely difficult to play it, but the sound is glorious. Last but not least, the dhunochi naach, meaning the dance where devotees hold clay pots filled with dhoop, dry coconut husks and dance to the sound of drums, conch shell and women ululating. Ululating is a unique concept where women make a sound with their mouths, by moving their tongues rapidly.
Overall if you are someone who is celebrating this festival for years or this is your first time, enjoy the experience,go pandal hopping, eat a lot of food, buy new clothes and above all put your prayers in front of Maa for they will not be denied!

Happy Durga Puja to everyone!


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