Lessons We Took From The Pandemic (and mustn’t forget)

The lockdown during the outbreak of COVID-19 hit us in early 2020. It impacted our lives in a lot of different ways. However, we know that we have become habitual to some of the changes it brought, whether initially we liked them or not. Let’s take a look at POST-COVID mental well-being from the eyes […]

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Yoga! More Than Just Losing Weight

Yoga originated in India. It was first mentioned in the Rig Veda. The word ‘Yoga’ originates from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which translates to union or join. Yoga has evolved in the several centuries since and it has found a fan following in people, in India and abroad. The International Day Of Yoga commemorates this […]

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5 Uber Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey! It’s Father’s Day today! For many of us, our dads are our superheroes. While moms enjoy most of the limelight in our families😉, dads, on the other hand, are like those subtle pillars of confidence and strength that silently keep the knots of the family safe and strong.  The primary idea for celebrating Father’s […]

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Dance Workouts: The Happy Way To Be Healthy!

If there’s anything that we have learnt in recent times, it is the importance of good health. Also, a lot of us want to get into good shape and become fitter but struggle with an enjoyable way to do so. Thankfully, we have the boon of using dancing as an exercise with Dance Fitness workouts.  […]

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How To Organize Your Home Better

It is said a home is where you are your truest self and the best way to have a home which is a safe haven is to have it organized. With our busy lives, having an organized home helps us have a safe haven. The golden rule to organize your home is, place it back […]

31 May 2022 Read More

Your Guide To Veganism

Veganism has picked up in the last few years, we have all seen our Instagram reels and Facebook videos. Navigating it is sometimes difficult, sometimes confusing. In this blog, we help you navigate veganism and how to follow a vegan diet at home.

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