23 Sep 2022

Benefits Of Home Cooked Baked Goods

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A spread of baked foods

Making baked food in the kitchen can do more than just creating yummy comfort food. In fact, some researches show that baking has therapeutic value which helps to ease anxiety and depression. Statistics show that one in four people can experience mental health problems at some point in their lives, hence, this wholesome therapy is good for the whole family. The only thing one needs to work on is making it healthy and sugar free.

1. Baking As A Meditative Activity 

Activities that include whole of your attention to do something and specially if the task is simple and repetitive in nature, has a calming and meditative effect. When in comes to baking, the process of weighing out butter, sugar, whisking eggs, beating and folding creates a space in the mind. This is eases any kind of existing negative thinking processes. 

A kid & guardian cooking together

2. Stimulates Your Senses

Baking includes a lot of our senses in the process. The feel of the flour, the sound of the blender, and of course the smell of the delectable final product and all these experiences stimulate our senses, which in turn increases feel-good endorphins.

3. The Nourishing Activity

Baking or any kind of cooking for that matter is about nourishing ourselves and others. To really benefit from this make an effort to bring your whole awareness to the healthy ingredients and love that must go into your baked goodies. Intention benefits both your mental healh and the food you are cooking. 

A father & daughter baking cookies

4. Baked Food & Creativity

Psychologists have found that creative expressions greatly affect the overall wellbeing of an individual. So experiment with a new recipe, and make that frosting as eye pleasing as you’d like.

Advantages Of Baked Food

Making the dough for baking

Food can be prepared in numerous ways using varied methods including boiling, poaching, deep-frying, stewing and braising among others. Amongst these however, baking is one of the most beneficial one. Baking is a process of cooking food by dry heat in an oven and have certain advantages that may not be found with meals prepared by other methods. Here are some of these benefits:

Baked Food & Low Fat

Number one reason baked foods are considered healthy, is because of their low-fat content. It only requires a little amount of oil to jump start the baking process. Closed environment cooking like baking, makes sure no heat is lost in the process. In turn this heat helps to burn the natural fat inside the food, releasing most of it by the time the food is cooked. Sometimes, no oil is required in baking at all. You can even substitute apple sauce for oil when baking cookies and cake.

More Nutrients In Baked Goods

Some minerals and vitamins are water-soluble hence process like boiling make them go. Baking on the other hand uses dry heat thus preserving these minerals and vitamins like vitamins B and C. Also, baking is advantageous to frying because it uses very little oil. Baking hence also preserves the fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K which would otherwise leech into the cooking oil when frying. Therefore, baked foods are more hralthy and nutritious.

Management Of Weight

Bakig is the healthiest alternative to depp frying. When your food is cooked with the deep frying prcoess, high amounts of oil gets absorbed into the food. When ingesting deep fried foods, it increases both fat and calorific content in the body. Therefore contributing to weight gain and obesity. As already mentioned, baking requires little to no oil and releases most of the natural fat in the food. Thus, one can count on baked foods to slow down the addition of weight and prevent obesity.

Frosting a cake

Baked good are delicious trrats in both its savoury and sweet forms. Now tgat you know the therapeutic benefits of the same, then we encourage you indulge in baking at home and benefit from it while relishing you taste buds. Order all that you need to prepare your baked goods your one-stop grocery delivery app, Milkbasket! 

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