21 May 2022

Intimate Hygiene & Why it's Important

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We all witnessed the importance of basic hygiene habits like regularly washing our hands and keeping ourselves and our clothes clean amongst the spread of covid. Just like our hands, everyday cleansing of all our body parts is imperative for a healthy life. Daily cleansing is an important way to keep yourself healthy. 

Intimate hygiene is extremely important to maintain your body. Being oblivious to any issues associated with your genital health can lead to multiple complications in the future. Poor intimate hygiene can affect your sex drive, cause fertility issues and some infections begin from your privates but slowly spread to the entire body which can also be fatal. 

Many people link intimate hygiene with women, but keeping your privates clean and healthy is equally important for men as well. Regular care and following a routine is more than enough to keep yourself safe. Showering daily is highly important but using only water is not enough, and you will need to follow a few more tips and tricks to keep yourself clean and fresh.

Wash & Aftercare 

Taking foam out from the container bottle onto the hands

Using an Intimate Wash 

The pH balance of your privates helps with natural cleansing. Maintaining this balance is very important and the use of usual bar soaps and body washes could disrupt this pH balance with heavy & harmful chemicals  like glycerol and added perfumes. These pH levels differ for both men and women, where women need to balance a pH of 3.5- 4.5, men need a pH level of 5- 5.5. 

Disruption in this balance can result in irritation or harmful bacteria infections, hence one should always use quality & dermatologically tested intimate washes. Regular soap bars and shower gels are not meant to be used on the vaginal area, as the pH level designed for the surface of your skin is 5.5, whereas healthy pH level for the vagina ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. An intimate wash made of natural solutions would help keep the good bacteria and cleanses out the harmful ones. Do not go for fragrances, pick up natural products to help maintain your intimate hygiene.

Only use special washes which are intended for use on your intimate area. You can find feminine hygiene washes that are pH-balanced for your vagina at Milkbasket. In case of doubt consult your gynecologist to get the correct product for yourself.

Keep it Clean and Dry 

Even with the best of feminine hygiene one should keep the intimate areas dry by wearing cotton material underwear which keeps the skin cool & dry and avoid tight satin or synthetic material, especially in the hot weathers as it can create harmful bacteria by retaining the moisture. Cotton being a breathable material reduces the risk of infections and unhealthy bacterial growth. Yes, we understand the concerns with gym wear but the post-workout sweaty clothes are a manifestation of infection, change out of them immediately.

The Right Foods

Cut citrus fruits in a wood basket and tea towel

Eating Healthy 

We all know the phrase “You are what you eat”, but do we really follow it? What you eat affects the health of your intimates as well. No matter how luring and tasty the fast food joints or street foods may look, eating right it’s really important for feminine hygiene. Drinking enough water, and eating citrus foods like oranges and lemons with the addition of nitrous foods like spinach can help in reducing sweat which usually is the main cause of infections and aid natural intimate hygiene. 

A glass of fresh water being filled

Drink Up

You should drink more water”, yes it’s true again for yet another reason! Drinking plenty of water gives your body a boost when it comes to flushing out toxins and keeping your vagina clean and healthy. Whereas sugary drinks and dehydration can affect the bacterial balance of your vagina. 

Shop for all that you need for intimate care at Milkbasket and make sure to incorporate these intimate hygiene tips into your life in order to keep your vagina clean and healthy, and to keep you smiling and confident!


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